House Party's, They KILL me! Part II

Well, well, well. How could I forget these important aspects of this important part of the campaign: what does the staff do at these events? and how else are they organized?

Since I enjoy doing things backwards, we'll start with the second question first. So, I have already discussed the tools used to get people to go to the event (phone calls, canvassing, and sometimes e-mails). But how are these locations chosen? Well, they are not! The campaign has to rely on supporters of Ed to "donate" their home for an evening. for the most part, however, the pprecincts that the house party's are in are very high-performance precincts.

I just wanted to make sure I addressed that.

Now, for the first question. Normally at the House Parties, their is a voulunteer/intern, the feild coordinator for that section of the district, and the candidate. I have discussed what the candidate does, but what about everyone else?

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House Party's, They KILL me!

Sittin' on a corner in Saudi Aurora, such an awful sight to see. There's a girl My Lord! slowing down to make a laugh at me. Take it easy. Take it Easy."

Well, that's the parody of the old Eagle's tune I sang to myself a few weeks ago while I stood on a corner in Aurora with a "Perlmutter for Change" sign directing people to that evening's house party.

Normally not too many folks will show up to the small event. Well, not as many as I expected, though Arapahoe County Feild Coordinator Bill Holen always seems pleased when 10 people show up. The normal routine goes as follows: First, Ed will take 10-15 minutes to tell everyone his story: where he grewup (the 7th CD), his past legislative experience (8 years in the state Senate), a cute little anecdote about his children and the history of the prominent Perlmutter family, and why the hell he wants to be a U.S. Congressman. From there, he goes onto taking questions. He asks everyone to tell him a little bit about themselves before they ask him a question. On occasion, people will have very articulated, well-thought-out questions about the direction of the nation, Congressional politics, and public policy. Though with the good questions, you also have numerous people that just want to vent! I would assume that they think they have someone with some power in front of them and if they could tell him their problems, maybe someone will do something about it. All the while, Ed is writing everything down: the best restaurant in the area, a proper way to fix Social Security, a viable exit strategy for Iraq, and any tactics that the Campaign can use to defeat the "neo-con death cult." Then, Bill Holen will kindly interupt to say that "the candidate has along day tomorrow and needs to get going soon. He will take just a few more questions, please." It's almost like clock-work.

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Blue Catapult has Successful Launch

I wanted to let the MyDD community know about the great Launch Party that Blue Catapult PAC had on Wednesday in Washington, DC.  The crowd that attended enjoyed great music from the DJs, snacks and a really nice bar.  The conversations were great as everybody was dertermined to overthrow the GOP from congressional control.

The generosity of those in attendance was tremendous and Blue Catapult PAC is now close to $2000 in contributions.  We will cut our first checks to our first adopted Democratic Challengers next week as we contribute to the Darcy Burner (WA-8), Eric Massa (NY-29) and Chris Carney (PA-10) campaigns.

Blue Catapult PAC then will take its next steps.  Over the next few months we want to: Get an ActBlue page so that we can get contributions over the Internet (if anyone can inform us as to the best way to do that, we would appreciate it); We will adopt more Democratic challengers to support through various fundraisers; and we are planning a national fundraising event for late Spring -- we are working out the details but will keep the MyDD community informed once it is close to ready. Keep going to to stay updated on our activities.

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On the Failure of the Netroots

I've tried to avoid saying anything about all the squawking coming from certain interested parties who say Cuellar's primary win shows the weakness of the netroots and the new thought in Democratic campaigning.  Here's the only thing I really have to say to those who hold that opinion:

Keep thinking it.

I'll see you in 20 years.

Update [2006-3-9 19:35:30 by sethco]: The point of this post, poorly made though it may have been, was to suggest that if people - conservatives and establishment types in particular - mistake netroots campaigns as the whole package, that's good for progressives. Why? Because in the meantime, we will continue to develop new, more effective ways of promoting progressive issues, values, and candidates.

Netroots campaigning will continue to be a successful part of new campaign models, as I think John Edwards's new blog shows, as does Mark Warner's. But it won't be - and was never meant to be - the solution, but an important part of complete strategies.

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REMINDER: In DC--Blue Catapult Launch Event Wed Night

REMEMBER:  Wednesday Night is the Start of the Fight to Make the Democrats the Majority Party in Congress.  Come help Blue Catapult launch and be part of the drive to help Democratic Challengers.  Thanks to the MyDD Community we have had a good response and have chosen our first challengers to support.  With your help we can help more Democratic Challengers in the near future.

If you live in or near Washington, DC please join us.

  6:30PM TO 9:30PM

Blue Catapult is a Political Action Committee dedicated to
supporting Democratic Candidates for Congress who are challenging incumbent Republicans or running for Republican-held open seats.

*ANNOUNCEMENT* Blue Catapult has just announced the first 3 Democratic Challengers it is supporting:  Darcy Burner in Washington State, Eric Massa in New York State and Chris Carney Pennsylvania.  Go to to learn more about them.

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