"People Powered" or just plain grassroots

As a fan of the on-line political world in general and MyDD in particular, I'm going to vent about the seemingly stylish affectation of writing about "people powered" campaigns as if they were something new under the sun.

What Chris, Markos, and others mean when they say "people-powered" is nothing more than a good old-fashioned grassroots campaign as opposed to a campaign built around institutional support.

There are a couple of fallacies at work here.  One is to suggest that campaigns that don't originate or sustain themselves from the netroots are somehow legitimate and don't involve people.

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CO-4: Poll Says it's a Toss-Up! Musgrave-Paccione in a Dead Heat

Last night I attended a House Party for Democratic Candidate Angie Paccione, who is running against Marilyn Musgrave in Colorado's 4th Congressional District.  Angie shared with us the results of her new poll and the results were extremely encouraging. The poll shows that 51% of voters in Colorado's 4th CD believe it is "time for someone new," and just 34% are firm in their belief that Musgrave should be reelected.

In a head-to-head match-up, Musgrave gets 37% to Angie's 36% - Basically a toss-up.  This is especially interesting since Musgrave has sent out 9 mailings over the past couple of years while Angie has yet to use paid communications.  Once voters hear Angie's bio and compare it to Musgrave's bio, Angie is up by 5 points.  This is definitely a winnable district for Angie and the Democrats.

At the event last night, Angie explained her strategy for winning the district that covers all of Colorado's eastern border plus areas north and east of Denver.  She is engaging the entire district, including a "Tent Tour" of the whole district this summer, where she will give basketball clinics to kids and speak under a tent at night.  She is determined to offer a positive agenda for change and not just run against Musgrave's record.  And if you could see Angie talk in person, you would see her enthusiasm for the race and the people of Colorado, as well as her intelligence when considering the various issues presented to her.  Plus she is a great listener - she answers the question you ask her and not just the question she wished you had asked.

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The Gate is Crashed

Ladies and gentleman, the gate has been crashed.  =)

I'm proud to announce that today I won election to the State Resolutions Committee.

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I am going to "crash the gate"

From the diaries--Chris

This is a copy of an announcement that's being distributed across the Texas blogosphere in advance of our state convention, which begins tomorrow.   Chris and I talked about this in Philly over Memorial Day weekend (after re-enacting the epic "Bowers v Texas" battle), and I told him that I was extremely pleased that he's setting an example for everyone by getting involved with the PA Dem Party.  I am a true believer in the Silent Revolution Chris wrote about a few weeks ago, and this is the next step that I'm taking in advancing the progressive agenda within my own state party.  I hope this will provide other bloggers some inspiration to do the same.  

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Bilbray Correct in Analysis of his victory

In an interview on CNN this morning, Brian Bilbray was asked why he won.  His response, was that he went full force in opposition to Bush's immigration policy in the last week of the election.  By attacking Bush's program as amnesty and stating that if he was elected he would fight against the Bush and the Senate's immigration reform proposal, that is when he saw his numbers move (I assume he is talking about his internal campaign polling numbers).

I actually agree with Bilbray's analysis of his own victory.  In addition to Francine Busby's "You don't need papers to participate" comment, McCain not coming to the district for Bilbray probably played to his advantage in the end.  Immigration may become in this election what the "Gay Marriage" issue was in 2004 - and it has the added advantage of helping Republicans distance themselves from Bush in a year where their President is unpopular.

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