Fox News exonerates ACORN

Of corruption that is, not stupidity.  I still think that just sending people out to register voters on a quasi-commission basis was a dumb move, and my biggest fear isn't that Obama or other Democrats will be tainted with voter fraud charges.  My concern is that this will provide Republicans with more excuse to purge voter rolls and cage anybody registered by ACORN.

Obviously there's no way these false voter registrations can impact the election unless people actually show up to vote under these names.  It doesn't seem likely.  In fact, using celebrity names would be a stupid way to go about it.  This is obviously a problem of ACORN being taken by economically desperate individuals who either should not have been hired at all, or otherwise supervised much more closely.

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Federal law and the U.S. Constitution to trump Ohio Election Law

After seeing the following diary on Dkos, 600,000 Ohio voters subject to GOP caging. . . I had to pass along another diary from EENR that seems to be just the opposite.

The following is from Karita Hummer at EENR.

Federal law and the U.S. Constitution to trump Ohio Election Law.

Lo and Behold!  Voting Progress from Columbus! Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner gives us good voting rights news for a change.

In a Press Release issued from the office of Ohio Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, it was announced that she was sending clarification to local Election Boards that " that 60 day notices sent by boards of election to voters that are returned as undeliverable cannot be used as the sole reason for canceling an Ohioan's voter registration." ases/2008%20Press%20Releases/ px

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