A Cabinet seat for Clinton, but no VP.

From Fox News:
The Sunday Telegraph reported that the Obama campaign is working up a "negotiated surrender" that would amount to Clinton's rapid departure in exchange for a post as health and human services secretary in an Obama administration or chief Senate sponsor for Obama-backed health care legislation.

http://elections.foxnews.com/2008/06/01/ report-obama-camp-may-offer-clinton-a-ca binet-seat/

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What would Hillary's cabinet look like?

Disclaimer: I am not a Clinton supporter. This diary is not in support of Hillary Clinton, nor in opposition to Hillary Clinton. In my mind, Hillary, Obama, and Edwards all have a pretty good shot at being president. The reason I am writing about Hillary's cabinet is that she has more well-established connections than the other two, which makes it easier to speculate who might be in her cabinet. Plus, the Hillary contingent here on MyDD has been pretty vociferous lately, and I am somewhat more interested in who her supporters think she will nominate than her critics, although I am interested in their opinion too. So, take this diary at face value - a genuine, unbiased interest in speculating what our next cabinet could look like if Hillary wins the nomination and general election.

Who do you think will be in Hillary's cabinet? My guesses below the fold.

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John Edwards Carries a List of Possible Cabinet Appointees

It is never too early to talk about Cabinet appointees. Right?

Apparently John Edwards does not think so and apparently carries a list of possible Cabinet appointees, which may or may not include Republicans and Independents.

Not so bad. But may I remind John Edwards, he needs to win the nomination first and at this momement in time, it is not looking good, except in Iowa where he has a fighting chance.

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My 2009 Dream Cabinet

One election is over, the next one is coming ever closer with one Presidential hopeful (or wannabe) announcing after another.

You may say it's way too premature to discuss a possible Democratic cabinet with more than two years to go. But hey: we have a tough and largely successful election behind us. Let's just have a little fun for now.

If you enjoy this kinda stuff then follow be below the fold.

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Dream Team '08?

This is completely hypothetical, and just for fun, but what would be the dream team you'd assemble if the Dems were to win the 2008 election?

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