What do Burger King and the Marines have in common?

Going green, that's what. File this first story under No-Freakin'-Way: A New Jersey Burger King is going to use heat from the cars in its drive-through for up to 10% of its energy needs.

This second story, while not nearly as cool, is much more important. According to Al Gore's blog, U.S. Marines in Afghanistan are going green.

According to The Guardian, the Marine Corps has ordered an energy audit to keep fuel costs down in Afghanistan. A single gallon of fuel in the war zone can cost as much as $100. (More about the Marines below the jump.)

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Holding Goldman Sachs Accountable

Brave New Films has an interesting new campaign that's targeting Goldman Sachs, an investment firm that lost $53 billion in 2008, converted itself to a bank holding company in order to receive $10 billion in bailout funds and, oh yeah, and did I mention they set aside $6.8 billion for bonuses? Another fact about Goldman Sachs: it is the largest of the private equity firms that own Burger King.

So Brave New Films did the math:

$6.8 billion = $210,300 per Goldman Sachs employee
$6.8 billion = $18,000 per Burger King employee
The average Burger King employee makes $14,000/year

The ingeniousness of framing Goldman Sachs in this way is that it puts the unfathomable figures of the bailout money into real life terms. Suddenly you start to think in terms of what real world impact that money could have had on the lives of Burger King's employees rather than just lining the pockets of its financial sector. Watch BNF's blood boiling new video for more.

And then go to WarOnGreed.com to register your outrage by letting Goldman Sachs know what they can do with their billions. So far these are some of the ideas that have been submitted:

"Perhaps the fat cats should work at Burger King for a year or so, and see if they can survive."

"Goldman Sachs could have used that money to provide affordable health care for its employees and Burger King's."

"The Wall Street firm could have improved Burger King's overall food quality to make it healthier for everyone."

BNF will deliver all submissions to Goldman Sachs.

Grassroots pushback against Wall St. excess is imperative if we're going to begin to roll back the culture of greed that has been rewarded over the past 8 years and replace it with the sort of culture of corporate responsibility that President Obama has spoken of. Kudos to Brave New Films for giving us the tool with which to begin to apply that pressure.

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