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Welcome to the new White House administration, in which we move forward with purpose.

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Show me your papers!

It's still going on, but some people are speaking out. I wrote this back in December, before I joined this site:

My husband and I were on our way home from a warm and happy holiday with my family in Cleveland. We took the train, which passed trough Erie, PA. Then a strange thing happened. US Border Patrol got on the train and started asking everyone if they were from the US. If you said "no" or if you had an accent they asked for a passport.

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Don't Worry, the National Guard Will Run

The AP reported via The Washington Post that members of the National Guard were sent fleeing from armed somebodies who ended up getting away by running to Mexico.

After all is said and done everyone is okay. However, something has boggled my mind since I first read the story. It stems from this statement:

The troops, who are not allowed to apprehend illegal border crossers, withdrew safely and no one was injured, said National Guard Sgt. Edward Balaban.

They aren't allowed to apprehend? It seems counterintuitive. Why can't the National Guard apprehend illegals or legals for that matter and then hold them until The Border Patrol gets their hands on them? I understand, from what the story said, that Bush sent thousands of Guard members to the border to "assist" the Border Patrol but they were the ones standing on the observation post in Arizona. They were the ones who saw the armed individuals.

So I guess the next time an illegal comes over the border with a bushel of weed and a gun, we can count on the Guard to run away from the action.

PS - It's the policy that I have a problem with not the National Guard.  

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