CO-3 John Salazar will vote for public option! 3_salazar/PR_091009.html

As a constituent of Salazar's I'm familiar with his somewhat blue dog ways which is why I found this press release to be somewhat of a pleasant surprise.  He has actually gone on record as supporting the public option (if it came to a vote anyway).

I thought he was probably going to support any health care bill, but here he has finally stated that he would vote for a public option.

I just wrote him to ask him to join the progressives in signing that letter to Sebilius ;)

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Kentucky Primary Results

     Much of the focus of tonight has been on Senator Obama, who is to be congratulated for his winning a majority of the pledged delegates (see CNN for confirmation). However, in this eagerness to certify Senator Obama as the Democratic nominee the Kentucky primary was deemed to be of little imporatance in the nominating process. While the logic behind this is reasonable(that the state does not have enough delegates for Clinton to catch Obama)the fact remains that Obama's inability to attract a credible retinue in the state mirrors his problem among blue collar whites in West Virginia. While this group has not been one of the Democrats' more reliable constituencies, their support is critical in the general election. The fact that Obama did not deign to campaign here shows that he is all too aware of the problems he faces among this demographic. However, I do not think that is fair to attribute Clinton's convincing wins in WV and Kentucky to racism, as many on this site (not mentioning any specifics for fear of additional undeserved troll ratings) have recently done. It is undeniable that to a small segment of the population in these states, race played a major factor in their votes but the overwhelming majority said that race ad no impact on their decision. This is somewhat exemplary of the double standard that has been utilized in many instances, such as the North Carolina, Georgia, Mississippi, etc primaries, in which not a word is breathed about Obama's heavy reliance on the African American vote in his victories. For confirmation of my statements, feel free to check out Cnn's exit polls or the NY TImes politics page. Again, I know that many on this site are eager for this marathon of a primary race to end but there are others, including myself, who would like to see the contest carried on at least until the end of the primaries so as to give every state a voice. I know many of you disagree with this reasoning, but the fact remains that Senator Obama's problems with white blue collar workers, as evidenced in the WV and Kentucky primaries, are quite serious and merit mention in arguments concerning his electability on the general election.

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Red and Blue States Agree, It is time to take back control of the political conversation!

(Washington, DC) Breaking News!  Red states and Blue States agree, it is time to stop political robo calls.

A new national non partisan political do not contact registry is being created by non profit Citizens for Civil Discourse.

This registry, going live in August, will allow all voters to tell politicians:

   * Who you want to hear from

-- Example: Hillary or Rudy; All Dems, All Reps

   * How you would like to hear from them

-- Example: Email but NOT phone

   * When you would like to hear from them

-- Example: Monday at 10 AM

   * What you would like to hear about

-- Example: The War; education; energy; gun rights; gun control

Learn more at:

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Tennessee Could Turn Blue For 2008

A new poll by Middle Tennessee State University shows that Tennessee may be shifting blue for the 2008 election and could be a pickup opportunity for the Democratic presidential nominee....

The poll shows that Sen. Hillary Clinton and former Vice President Al Gore have the highest favorable ratings and Sen. John McCain, whose family roots are in neighboring Mississippi, has a favorable rating of 34% and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich of Georgia is on the bottom with a favorable rating of only 16%. yId=143

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Untapped Blue In The Deep South

When I was looking through the election results for the Senate I was struck by the amount of votes that an obscure candidate received  for the U.S. Senate in Mississippi. Neither the state or national Democratic Party recruited anyone to run against incumbent Republican Senator Trent Lott and the race was never on the radar screen.

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