Why Would Electing John Edwards Lift Women and Minorities out of Poverty?

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This is an historical and political analysis of the central premise that underlies John Edwards' claim to the Presidency.  This essay asks and explores the question, "Why Will Electing John Edwards Raise Women and Minorities Out of Poverty?" Everything in the above graphic represents only my own original paraphrased appreciation of the thrust of arguments made by others.

Everyone who has superficially studied the problem of American poverty knows that, although all demographic groups are represented among the poor, women and minorities are more likely to be poor than other segments of our society (e.g. white men).  

In fact, historical patterns of discrimination that legally prevented women and minorities from buying and owning property, opening bank accounts, and moving to areas where opportunities were greater - all of these governmentally sponsored factors and more led to the feminization and the "racialization" of poverty.  The poverty of Blacks began when we were forced to work for free, with government returning us to our "owners" if we escaped slavery with the intention of being paid for our own labor.

In light of this history of the causes of poverty, it is quite impossible to talk about alleviating poverty without discussing how to systematically root out the carefully lain government sponsored roots of poverty in de jure and de facto gender and color-based discrimination.  To the degree that there is anything at all that the government is still doing that intentionally or effectively disadvantages the target populations of a proposed new poverty program, to be effective in alleviating poverty government must stop doing anything and everything that has historically led and continues to lead to the feminization and colorization of poverty.

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The Clintons Appointed More Minorities Than Any Other Administration Had

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Appointed Assistant US Attorney for Civil Rights during the Clinton Administration,  
Deval Patrick
  is now first Black Governor of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, winning another State House for Democrats that had been held by Republicans.  Diversity works for Democrats.

Democratic "progressive" blogs may not be entirely convinced of the value of diversity among their participants, Matt Stoller Story with under 3% Black participation at MyDD and DailyKos, but the Clintons have been practicing diversity successfully for over three decades.

With Blacks making up 20% of the delegates to the Democratic National Convention, diversity is a crucial part of the winning electoral strategy and governing philosophy of the diverse Clinton team. This diary explains why the Clintons' proven competence at involving minorities and winning loyal Black and Latino support is a requisite skill for contesting and winning the Presidency.

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Can Racism Drive Blacks Insane?

One insult would not derail most people,
but the cumulative effects of a lifetime of insults is clear.

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Once during my second marriage, I led a group to the State House as part of a statewide project requesting more funding for English as a Second Language projects.  As the local managing attorney for a national organization, I led a group of ten mostly white people to the State House, to meet with a white legislator from our district, with whom we had a prearranged appointment.

We were led into the walnut lined halls of the legislative office and I introduced myself first the legislator's secretary and then to the legislator, proffering my organization's well-recognized business card.  

The first thing the white legislator said to me when receiving my business card was, "You're a lawyer"?  He asked me incredulously, but I could not immediately understand his disbelief.  

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The South and the Black Experience

Cross posted at D Kos as a response to pursuit of a non-Southern Strategy by Kos:

grew up on the North Carolina-Virginia border. Where I lived we had two schools, one private for the white kids who didn't want to be around blacks after Jim Crow failed under the courts, and one school that was public with everyone else. I lived in the South until the late 90s. Variously having lived in multiple parts of Virginia, North Carolina, Texas and having visited places like TN and GA.

I want to get into this debate about what strategy the Democratic Party should consider taking as someone who has lived down South, and understands the contours of the debate. I think I understand this better than some who may not be from the region in question, but also because I have lived in California and New York. I know many of these regions.

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Racial Politics Last Week - A Roundup

Brought to you by Jack Tuner of Jack & Jill Politics whilst cooking one tasty meal.

I figured my first turn at the racial roundup post should be inspired by an extra black authenticity. Thus, it is one day late! CP Time, yall. CP Time. Here we go:

Is Tupac's home changin?
Booker Rising discusses the declining black population of Oakland, CA and the impact on black businesses. Berkeley's North Gate News provides the context:

Barnett, who lives in East Oakland, has considered moving to the suburbs. He said he understands why people go. "People are leaving because it's so hard in Oakland right now," he said. "There are few jobs, high crime, and the schools are horrible. People want to go somewhere where their kids have a chance."
Sounds like "Black Flight" to me, and it's hard to blame folks, but some see a solution in joining up. From the same article:

Other black businesses have even joined the Latino Chamber of Commerce.

Meanwhile, further downstate...

Black folks try to give Heismann to brown folks
The Daily Breeze is reporting about attempts from some black residents in Gardena, CA to block a Latino market from coming to town.

About 75 neighbors packed the Gardena council chambers on Tuesday night to express opposition to the Numero Uno Market slated for the corner of Rosecrans and Normandie avenues.

"Everything coming into Gardena on our side is in Spanish," resident Dorothy Dawson said. "I thought we were in America."

That's funny, Sista Dorothy. I'm pretty sure white folks said the same thing about your people when yall decided to leave the plantations.

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