Don't drink the (black)water

Did anyone else notice the simularities of the song DON'T DRINK THE WATER & Blackwater?  
Lyrics like...Don't drink the water...there's blood in the water...I live with no mercy...
I know DMB wrote the song before the tragic day when 4 americans died in Fallujah, Iraq.  I also know they would be disgusted to see that Blackwater is suing the families for 10 million dollars!  
 Donations may be made securely online through PayPal at Donations can also be sent to the families' trust account, payable to "C&B ITF Blackwater Victims Defense Fund," c/o Callahan & Blaine, 3 Hutton Centre Drive, Ninth Floor, Santa Ana, California 92707.
 All donations will be kept confidential and anonymous.
 For more information, please visit or contact counsel
for the families, Daniel J. Callahan at (714) 241-4444 or

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Sorry but Obama is an American with a white mother and African father who happens to be Black . . .

It is not racist to point out that Obama is black or to reference that as FACT.  However, it does carry a hint of racism to assume that every elective accomplishment Obama had was the result of his race.

I would like to address a topic that is dear to my heart and was recently the topic of criticism by a fellow mydd diarist.  I would like to talk about Obama's "all things black" disease bestowed upon him by the MSM, Al Sharpton, some in the black community, non-black liberal skeptics, the liberal establishment and even some of our fellow peers in the netroots.

No one is fascinated with the idea of simply electing a black president and that includes members of the black community.  We all understand that the majority of the American population is predominantly white and an unfortunate side effect of that is a tendency to elect officials who look like yourself.  This extends into every facet of life where there is a single race that predominantly makes up that facet.

Take for example rap music and golfing.  Rap music is a predominantly black art form while golfing is populated by predominantly caucasian players.  However, one of the most talented and high selling rappers is white (Eminem) and one of the best golfers to come along in a long while is black (Tiger Woods).  I doubt that rap, which has been particularly harsh to white rappers until the eminem era, was looking to just buy a white rapper album.  Blacks recognize he was white but they also recognize that he was extremely talented and spoke in such a way that gave his music an inclusive feel that both blacks and whites could enjoy.

Tiger Woods is another classic example of someone who did not get to where he was because he was black.  We recognize his accomplishment considerably since there has never been a black to do it before him.  However, Tigers lucrative endorsements is the result of extremely hard work and talent that both blacks and whites recognize.

Barack Obama is a great candidate who happens to be black and not a Black candidate who happens to be great.  You may ask well what is the distinction. The idea is that our America did not go searching every Black citizen to find a Black candidate qualified for the presidency.  During the 2004 democratic national convention, America stumbled upon an unknown state senator who gave a riveting speech that shook the core of our democracy.  After the total domination of conservative values that followed Jimmy Carter's defeat, this single 2004 speech reignited the democratic soul that was thought to be buried under Ronald Reagan's legacy.  This speech sparked a longing for the kind of vision America wants from its next president.  The candidate that emerged from that longing happens to be Barack Obama who just happens to be Black.

When I listen to Obama during the 2004 DNC, I heard an inspiring AMERICAN presidential contender.  When I listen to Obama's 2002 Iraq war analysis, I heard an analytically thoughtful state senator who would make a great AMERICAN president.  When I listen to Obama debate Alan Keyes on the merits of pro choice, I heard an upcoming US senator who could cloak democratic values into the fabric of mainstream arguments and thought to myself, "gosh he would make a great AMERICAN president."

Obama is not a light weight, empty suit, substance lacker, magic negro, halfrican, empty rhetoric, dumbo looking, black enough, white enough, general platitudes spoutin', stand for nothing, bipartisan compromiser that the MSM, non-Black liberal elitists, and some of the netroots blogging community try to make him out to be.  We only recognize that he is Black because of this.

Ultimately, when we as a people stop looking at the black book on the shelf as unreadable material do we then find that the contents of the book makes for great reading.

I just finished my last one and it was entitled, The Barack Obama presidency.

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thrown into the mix

Previously posted on the Young People For Blog.

So many people ask: "Is the United States ready for it's first black president?" However I think the real question is, "Will the American people be prepared to recognize the differences that we all share?" The truth of the matter is that we won't have a `black' president if Barak Obama is elected. If Obama is elected he will carry on the great American tradition of presidents who are racially and ethnically mixed. The attempts to stamp our current society with the false vestiges of time will not do. Today is not as black and white as the televisions once used to be.

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Spiegel Interview with Barack Obama's Pastor

It seems as if the supposed 'rift' between Obama and Rev. Wright may have been overstated or blown out of proportion.  At any rate, he still seem to be very supportive of him even if he has doubts he can win.,15 18,471221,00.html

SPIEGEL: Barack Obama has been criticized as a so-called "post-racial politician" who shies away from those interests traditionally important to black voters in the United States...

Wright: I think that criticism is unjustified. It's a cute term, but he shouldn't be criticized for who he is -- a person who doesn't "play the race card," but who instead talks about the issues. Look at it this way. Nobody wants their wives to live in fear of getting from the house to the grocery store or to her job. Whether they're black wives or white wives isn't the issue. I don't care what color they are. The bullets don't discriminate. We've got to do something to make sure they have a safe environment. Now to call that post-racial is unfair. We've got some common needs that we need to address. How do we put policies in place that will ensure their safety in the future? That's the kind of politician Barack is.

SPIEGEL: Do you think he will be President in two years?

Wright: No. Unless Barak pulls off nationally what he was able to pull off locally, and wins the hearts and minds of people who have been perennially anti-black. Racism is so deeply engrained in this country that he could be flawless in terms of his policies. But he's still a black man in this country, which has a sorry history in terms of how it sees African-American males. That's my 65-year-old, jaded perception of where this country is. I was pleasantly surprised in the Senate election. I would like to be as pleasantly surprised in the presidential election.

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Is YearlyKos an Overwhelmingly, Disproportionately, White Gathering?

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I watched the promotional video from last year, and I saw six Black people among 1,500 participants.

Cross-posted at Culture Kitchen and the Francis L. Holland Blog.

Today, I came across a link to a publicity video for YearlyKos and I watched the entire video to confirm a suspicion:  That YearlyKos is an overwhelmingly white gathering -disproportionately white considering the number of Blacks in the Democratic Party. -1234580617661540850&q=Mark+Bowllan Watch the film for yourselves and tell me if my perceptions are in error.

Here's what I saw:  Watching a thirty-nine minute video of "1,500""progressive" Democratic Party bloggers at a hotel in Las Vegas, in all of the shots where the camera panned the crowds, the hallways, the hotel rooms, and speakers diases, I saw two Black women and four Black men among 1,500 people.  If accurate, this would mean that YearlyKos was about .03% Black in a Democratic Party that has 20% elected and appointed Black delegates at the Democratic National Convention.  What is it about DailyKos and Yearly Kos that makes it so white in a Party with so much Black participation?

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