Typical White People

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I ordered my 'typical white person' t-shirt today. Something I never saw myself doing  when I first  set out on that road I walked for decades in behalf of civil rights. And my Dad, if he were still living, would find it ironical. The hours I spent confronting him over his use of the `n' word made for some lively discussions around our kitchen table. This Formica oblong on chrome legs sat in a street-facing window in our apartment on Norton Avenue in Lynwood, California, the white person's Compton. It was there I learned that Vincent Lawrence, an Irish river rat on Manhattan's lower east side, had been taught to say nigger along with his oatmeal. But the truly amazing thing about my Dad's use of this word, was the way he unlearned it the day the hearse carrying the body of John F. Kennedy rolled across the nation's tv screens. Not long after this my father stood up for civil rights at great personal sacrifice. And although I had already left home, my Dad became my personal hero.

I think in order to appreciate the sacrifice involved in my Father's stand for racial equality, you need to understand that my Father never finished grade school-- although he was bright and understood more from reading the daily newspaper than all my professors at Berkeley.  But my Dad had worked most of my childhood as a guard at General Motors on the night shift. It was there, after I left home, that he studied by correspondence course to take the California State Real Estate License Exam. After he passed, he worked part time in the office of an acquaintance; and then he did well enough after a couple of years  to open his own office. My Mom left the factory she worked in and joined him as an agent. Success greeted their endeavors. They moved to a `ritzy' part of town, bought a house with a shake roof and hung out with a doctor and his wife, and  a business tycoon and his wife. As far as the Farley's were concerned, everything was clover.

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Middle class blacks are not going to vote for Clinton

Using racial fears to win

...is supporting systemic racism. Having this issue in the news so much, has an impact on people's lives. I'm a black person who spends most of her time with white people-- there is tension and I feel second guessed. I invited a friend to my church for Easter and they turned me down, I think they were scared it'd be like Wright's church or something-- Not that Wright's church is really "scary" --I'd go there, but some white people think it's scary. And that is simply NOT TRUE.

If Hillary wins this way I don't think there is anything she can do to "make up for it" --Black people are speaking out about the relentless smearing, but white people, won't trust the message unless they hear it from white people too.

Clinton could have stopped all of this and made the issue go away-- she could have won some of the progressive vote for doing it too. She could have been so NOBEL and amazing. Just think about the message it could have sent to the country!

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Blacks Lost

Black people really disappoint me in this primary season.

Before Obama, Clinton was their first black president. He was blacker than they are. With Obama playing the race card, they go 90% to Obama and Clinton means nothing to them. And a lot of them simply trash Clintons.

Even worse, those black superdelegates switch sides because of race. You have to wonder whether they have souls.

In this election, they are trying to elect a black guy to get equal. But in doing these things, they are lowering the whole black race to a much lower level morally.

It's sad that the whole race is being played like this. Do you think it is whorth fighting for them?

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"Self-Hating" Black Ministers endorse Hillary

I typed in Barack Obama's  name on google and was STUNNED when I came upon this article about what was said in South Carolina by a Black minister proclaiming his support for Hillary. (Hillary Clinton today fired back at Barack Obama and his announcement about Oprah Winfrey. She picked up the backing of Barbra Streisand, and in South Carolina, where half of Democratic voters are African-American, a big group of black ministers endorsed Hillary and took a swipe at Obama.  His quote exactly.........."We don't need to be filling our heads with hopes and dreams," the Reverend Timothy Brown said. "We need someone that can take the Oval Office and lead us into this next generation." )

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Michelle Obama playing race card?

Again, why this double standards by media. Michelle obama is playing race card and saying African Americans will wake up and vote for Mr. Obama because he is one among them. Why does she or Obama get free pass from press when they make such silly statements?

"WASHINGTON--With polls showing African-Americans have yet to give overwhelming support to White House hopeful Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), his wife Michelle said "black America will wake up and get it" in an interview running on MSNBC on Monday."

Infact Obama himself used race card to prove his electability point. asked by WP what red states he can win, and this was his answer.

As the interview drew to a close, Obama expressed great confidence in his ability to change the political environment -- and the political map in America. Asked what red states he could win, he named Virginia and added provocatively, "I think I can put Mississippi in play" because of the high percentage of African Americans in the state, despite the fact that it has been one of the most reliably Republican states in the nation."

http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/con tent/article/2007/11/08/AR2007110802459_ pf.html

the point is, if we contrast those interviews with what hillary can say. if she says, I think I will win in state X because of large amount of female voters in that state, what would typical response from media be?

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