White Priviledge

That diary up there on the rec list has my collar steamed. So, before i go putting the crimp in it, I'm going to ask you to read this:

http://newstandardnews.net/content/?acti on=show_item&itemid=116

Thank you for your time and patience.

You see, when we start to talk white privilege, most people think about being stalked by security in a grocery store. I'm told that happens (and when you, as plainclothes security, are getting calls about a "suspicious individual" that just happens to be YOURSELF, I can acknowledge that yeah, it is happening).

But this world runs on currency, on money and the accumulation of money. And this is where Black people suffer. And will continue to suffer, for crimes long long past.

75% of whites can trace their wealth back to racist policies, be they FHA loans or the Homestead Act (you didn't know that was racist, now didja?)

I don't have time to write a full well researched diary right now, though I'll try and add onto this as the day goes on.

I'm calling for some action, I'm calling for this to get up on the Recommended list, because... America ought to recognize where she is, before she can go anywhere.

Those MILLIONS of blacks mentioned in the rec list are one Layoff away from being one of those POOR blacks. If you're white, you might not get that. But if you have a house, and you're laid off, you can get a second mortgage to pay the rent for a while. You got money, there, that you can depend on.  If you're renting, if the biggest wealth you can lay claim to is a car, which you happen to need to find more work, you don't got that cushion.

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It's Not About Race [Updated]

It's all over the blogosphere, the cable TV shows, the newspapers, it's tonight's top talking point from Obama surrogates.

It's Obama's rationale:  Defeats in West Virginia (and Kentucky next week) are because those white folks got a problem voting for a black man.

But sorry, that's wrong.  Not only is it wrong, it's hugely offensive to fair-minded white people.  That's right, most "hillbillies" and southern folk do not discriminate. Imagine how all those white people who voted for Hillary Clinton today feel having their votes explained away due to racism.  It's not going to help in November if Obama is the nominee, that much is for sure.

I just saw a FOX News exit poll statistic that 77% of the people in West Virginia said race was NOT a factor in their vote.  I absolutely believe them.  I believe that a different African American candidate could be much more successful than Obama among some of the white segments where he's struggled.  I have been trying to shout this point from the rooftops:  It is not Obama's skin color that gives voters pause.  It is a collection of other issues, mixed together.  It's Rev. Wright damning America, plus "bitter small-towners clinging," plus friendships with guys like Rezko and Ayres, plus Michelle's patriotism gaffe, plus the flag pin problem -- all of that combined with the experience gap, the weak name recognition -- all together, there's the answer.

It's not race, so please stop.  If Obama becomes the nominee, I'd suggest that a more effective way to win votes in November is to deal head-on with the liabilities listed in that last paragraph.  Playing the race card may have had some limited use in the primary season, but it will be the kiss of death for Democrats as a general-election strategy.

Obama lost West Virginia today by whopping double digits.  Convenient as it may be to blame it on racism, that's a costly error.

UPDATE: In the comments to this diary, twinmom makes a great point:

I'd take it a step further (2.00 / 4)

I don't even think this victory has anything to do with Obama. It isn't a rejection of him... these people LOVE HILLARY! These people believe with all their hearts and minds that Hillary should be our next President. She connects with them, she speaks to them, she gets their enthusiastic support and votes.

Personally, I've never lived in a state that went for Obama. I've lived in RI, NY, MA, NH, CA, NM, PA. Racism doesn't explain why those votes went for Hillary. I don't know a single person that I'd ever in a million years call racist. I know literally hundreds of loyal Clinton supporters and their motivation is exactly like my own: Pro-pro-pro-pro-HILLARY! Not everything is about Obama. :)

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Obama is not losing white voters as contests go on

On the Front Page right now, Jerome is suggesting, that Obama is systematically losing the white vote.  The problem is there is no data to back this up.  Let's take a look at the CNN exits...

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Can Black Police be Color-Aroused?

In the Sean Bell case in New York, the police couldn't get an all-white jury in New York City, so instead they got an all-white judge.    Brilliant!

Not for nothing has the Patrolmen's Benevolent Association forsworn jury trials for cops indicted in the Bronx. Two decades ago when Officer         Stephen Sullivan went on trial for fatally shooting Eleanor Bumpers, a black grandmother, he did not appear before a jury. [In the Bronx juries are predominantly black and Hispanic.] Instead, he was tried before a specially selected white judge, who acquitted him. NYPDConfidential

But, this case demonstrates something else much more subtle and useful that I've been saying about color-aroused behavior.  One of the police officers who killed Sean Bell was Black, and he's the one whom the Police Benevolent Association put before the cameras after the acquittals.  Why?  Because the PBA knows that Blacks believe that "only whites can be 'racist' ", as a matter of doctrine.   So, once we learn that one of the police officer culprits was Black, that will take much of the wind out of our angry sails.  The New York Times reports:

In Harlem, Willie Rainey, 60, a Vietnam veteran and retired airport worker, said that he believed the detectives should have been found guilty, but that he saw the case through a prism not of race, but of police conduct. "It's a lack of police training," Mr. Rainey said. "It's not about race when you have black killing black. We overplay the black card as an issue." NYTIMES
The fact is that when society does not value Blacks as much as it values whites, this affects everyone's behavior, regardless of their skin color - both Blacks and whites.  When a Black police officer considers employing lethal and unnecessary force force against a Black person, OF COURSE he considers the fact that he knows there will ultimately be no consequences for doing so.  He acts in the knowledge that if he shot a white person 50 times, he might well be executed in some states.

The New York Times says,

Sean Bell has become a symbol of what they describe as police aggression and racial profiling in black neighborhoods. Had Mr. Bell and his friends been white, they said, the police would have responded less aggressively, and Mr. Bell might still be alive.  NYTIMES
But that NEVER happens, police shooting white people as they shot Sean Bell, because everyone knows that even a police officer cannot shoot a white person 50 times!  Certainly a Black police officer would not be permitted to do so!    

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Donna Brazile: DOES support Obama and wants to destroy the Clintons

There is a lot more I am writing myself about Donna's role in the DNC's decision to not seat Fl and MI.

In this blog the author posts real Email conversations Donna had with her.
Donna is out of her mind and is claiming that SHE saved Bill Clinton's presidency and that the nation still sees Donna as Gores spokesperson. So if Donna officially endorses Obama everyone will see it as Gore's position as well.

BTW: if Obama wins, Donna is speculated to be the probable chair of the DNC.
http://hillarysbloggers.soapblox.net/sho wDiary.do?diaryId=53

Please forward this to CNN and tell them they can no longer let Brazile pretend to be a "neutral" commentator.

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