How About Some KUDZU in Your Tank???

My family laughs at me when I say I want my next car to run on water. But scientists are looking at other sources of biofuels. Although corn and beets have been used and algae is being considered, there's another renewable source that may hold promise-- kudzu -- "the plant that ate the South".

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Farm bill: insurance racket draws Waxman scrutiny

I mentioned last week that the House Ag committee was going to start marking up the farm bill this week.

CQhighlights one spot which combines the controversial subjects of biofuels and crop insurance.

I'm absolutely no expert in energy or ag: but it seems to me that, the way the US has gone about this, biofuels are very much a road to hell paved with good intentions.


Corn or soybeans grown for biofuels are covered by the same insurance policies that farmers buy to protect the commodities they grow for food. But the long-term viability of biofuels depends on cost-effective production of "cellulosic" ethanol from plants such as switchgrass, which are not currently eligible for crop insurance protection.

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We Need Your Help With an Electric Vehicle Event

The Electric Vehicle Association of Washington, DC and the National Electric Drag Racing Association are putting on an exhibition of electric vehicles and their capabilities called the Power of DC. The event has been held for the last six years at the Mason-Dixon Drag Way in Hagerstown, Maryland. This year, the seventh year of the event, we are adding an autocross event the day before the drag race. This will be an EV autocross event, (dubbed EVautoX). The EVautoX will take place at Hagerstown Community College June 2nd, admission is free. The electric vehicle drag race event will take place at the Mason Dixon Drag Way on June 3rd, spectator admission is $5.

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We Can Build a Pollution Free Car NOW!!!

The Tesla Roadster all electric vehicle has 250 mile range on a single charge.

It is time to get serious about producing an Electric car that is practical. Today we are at the brink of a new automotive revolution. Electric technology has reached the point where we can put a practical electric car into full production, a car that will surpass the convenience of its internal combustion cousins. Don't believe me? Let me list just some of the technologies that make it possible TODAY. Read on.

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Hemp, Kentucky and Altered Oceans

The Monday, July 31, 2006 Louisville, Kentucky Courier Journal reported that "Kentucky House Majority Leader Rocky Adkins (D) has asked Gov. Ernie Fletcher to re-establish the state Energy Cabinet."COURIER-JOURNAL

The Los Angeles Times has a series of articles about altered oceans and the damage being inflicted upon them primarily by the overuse of prehistoric fossil fuels. The oceans appear to be undergoing a reverse evolution killing larger species of sea life and sickening people. The oceans are becoming de-oxygenated with the growth of a prehistoric, highly toxic algae that dates back over 2.7 billion years.

In Kentucky, it has been proposed that carbon dioxide from coal be pumped back into the earth, called sequestering. Is this not a prescription for another environmental disaster that could leach into our fresh water supply and contaminate it? Historically, rivers have been known to run red with blood, probably a form of red algae.

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