The Iraq War PTSD Epidemic

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Eric Massa's Weekly Diary with Mishonda Baldwin (MD-03) and Andrew Duck (MD-05) - The Iraq War PTSD Epidemic
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The Bush White House and the Rubber-Stamp GOP-controlled Congress have launched so many assaults against the American people that I have lost count. But perhaps the most offensive of these assaults are against the military, military families and veterans.  President Bush saw fit to send our soldiers into an unnecessary war, using misleading intelligence. He then refused to properly protect the them in battle, provide the necessary medical care when they were redeployed homeward, and finally denied them and their families the financial security they have earned fighting for our nation.

I (Eric here) have put it this way:

When will our President stand up for our troops and Veterans instead of simply standing with them for photo-ops and scripted press events?  When will our President keep our nation's promises to those who fight for our freedom even as he sends them to fight for others' freedom? (Our Troops and Veterans Deserve More Respect, Support , December 1, 2005)


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Ronald Reagan: Cheney is a Terrorist

President Ronald Reagan, June 18, 1985, during the TWA 847 hijacking crisis:

Q. Mr. President, you've said repeatedly during your administration, as you've said tonight, that you can't give in to terrorism. But each time that we've had one of these incidents, such as the case of the marines who died in Beirut, there had been a lot of talk from the administration but no action. Is there any danger that terrorists in the Middle East might get the feeling that the U.S. bark is worse than its bite and that they can do these things with impunity knowing we won't retaliate?

The President. Well, I hope not. But again, let me just point out to you in that incident, a man who committed the crime--or men--I don't know how many were in the truck--they're gone. . . . Now, how do you establish a connection between them and someone else? Was there someone else that set them on their way--you have no way of knowing. So, again, as I say, you're left with only one form of retaliation and that is if you just aim in the general direction and kill some people, well, then, you're a terrorist, too.

Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice, et al., in a nutshell.


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