Media Coverage of Israel

By: Inoljt,

In the past few months and years, media coverage of Israel has had subtle but distinct change in tone. The mainstream media is taking a harder look at Israel's policies, and has found not everything is to its liking.

There are several reasons why coverage of Israel has previously been so positive, and why recently a slight change has occurred. In the first place, Israel is a country culturally very attuned to us. Israel is part of the West; it shares Western norms and values. Many Jews would be comfortable living in the West and do so to this very day. Some of them work in the media and are sympathetic to the struggles their peers face.

Moreover, many in the media (and the vast majority of our country) believed that Israel had been in the right before 2006. Israel had - has - a democracy and a free press and all the things we like a country to have; the Palestine cause and their Arab supporters by and large do not. Israelis such as Yitzhak Rabin were calling for peace; meanwhile, Palestinian terrorist organizations such as Hamas were sending suicide bombers to kill Israelis civilians day after day.

Then came the 9-11 attacks by Muslim terrorists. In its aftermath media coverage of Israel was probably the most positive it had ever been.

There were three events, however, which changed things. At the very least, they have damaged Israeli prestige.

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Calling all writers! MSM sites need you! Balance out slander...

Calling all writers!  ABC News, USA Today, CBS News: need a few good pro Obama, on message posts!
These are some sites that could use a couple of pro Obama, on message posts every night.
On some of these sites if you can be one of the first 10 you can be on the same page with the article forever, or just one click away when the user views the oldest posts first. Also remember to recommend other good pro Obama posts!

Many times I see articles and the first 10 or 20 posts are all anti Obama, many slanderous. It would be nice to balance those posts out. 23.1 million unique visitors a month fault.htm?refresh=1  10.6 million unique visitors each month in 2007 9.2 million unique visitors each month 2007 /main250.shtml

We are supposed to dominate the Web but I think we are all at or here.

I worry sometimes we are blogging to the converted!

Let's make sure these 40 million people have an opportunity to get the facts on Barack Obama.

Graham Poor

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NC-08: NY Times Profile of This Race

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This article in today's New York Times represents an interesting attempt at balance.  The first part of the article highlights the Kissell campaign's focus on Hayes' about-face on CAFTA:

As if by chance, though probably not, both candidates are linked to the old mill. Charles Cannon, legendary founder of the Cannon textile empire and grandfather of Representative Robin Hayes, the Republican incumbent, built it in the 1920's, and Mr. Hayes worked summers there as a youth.

Larry Kissell, his Democratic opponent, worked there for 27 years before becoming a high school teacher in 2001, when, he says, he saw "the handwriting on the wall" about its future. Now his campaign is organized around the threat of foreign competition and Mr. Hayes's tiebreaking vote last year for a trade accord with Central America.

"The No. 1 issue voters care about this year is jobs," Mr. Kissell said Monday as he campaigned door to door in a neighborhood near the rubble-strewn field where the Kannapolis mill once stood. "We have lost 10,000 jobs in the textile industry here in the last several years. Free trade has not been good for this district."

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