GM to develop 230 MPG car: Oh, NOW you care?

GM in development of triple-digit gas milage car.

General Motors Corp. said Tuesday its Chevrolet Volt rechargeable electric car should get 230 miles per gallon of gasoline in city driving, more than four times the mileage of the current champion, the Toyota Prius.

The Volt is powered by an electric motor and a battery pack with a 40-mile range. After that, a small internal combustion engine kicks in to generate electricity for a total range of 300 miles. The battery pack can be recharged from a standard home outlet.

Now, I'm thrilled that automakers' R&D are finally making a concerted effort to develop electric cars, but GM finding religion on this only now, after they've been faced with bankrupcy, a major oil crisis, and an ecological disaster in the making, makes me roll my eyes.

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Trickle down economics, again?

Ever since Reagan introduced the theory of "trickle down economics" (focus spending and tax cuts on the rich, and the money will "trickle down" to the poor through increased spending and hiring by those with disposable discretionary income), all self styled progressives have agreed that it was an inefficient method of spreading government largesse, because it usually missed its targets.

So, are we aiding the auto workers with financial support for re training and/or re location? Nope, we're propping up their dieing, dinosaur industrial employers with federal payments to the manufacturing giants, in the hope that it will "trickle down" to the workers (after their unions make suitably major concessions on wages, hours and benefits, of course).

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Weekly Audit: Workers Will Build the Recovery, not Wall Street

by Zach Carter, Media Consortium MediaWire Blogger 

With new bailout plans for Wall Street being unveiled almost every week, it's easy to forget that nearly all of the work that fuels our economy takes place outside of Manhattan. While reviving the financial sector is an important part of recovery, any lasting economic solution must also empower American workers and protect them from corporate abuses.

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Kill the filibuster

Update III: History of the Filibuster and Cloture - Great for those who seem believe that we just cannot survive without this relic from the 1850s.,

Update II: Thank you William Greider: Stop Senator No, Senate Dems should disable the rule that gives Mitch McConnell a virtual veto over anything he wants to kill. Advocating the filibuster defies reason.

Update: Bush is acting now, good for him.

The take-away from last night is: Kill the filibuster.

At this moment when a depression is facing the American people on the heels of two historic elections and Democrats huge majorities in the House and Senate, are we going to let the antiquated filibuster halt needed legislation?

Southern Republican senators [Bush seems to be a non-actor] would throw the country into a depression to lower the wages of workers and break unions.

See John Judis: The Feather-Brained GOP Senators Who Sold Out U.S. Workers for an explanation of what these idiots did.

OK, let me get this straight. Tennessee Republican Senator Bob Corker, backed up by Alabama Senator Richard Shelby and South Carolina Senator Jim DeMint, made it a condition of the auto companies receiving help that the United Auto Workers agree to a reduction of wages and benefits to the level of those paid by the Japanese companies that have plants in those senators' states. Desperate for the deal, the UAW and the Democrats agreed to a phased-in reduction, but the Republicans insisted on an immediate cut. The deal broke down, and Republicans--aided by a few Red State Democrats (e.g. Baucus, Lincoln, Tester)--used a filibuster to kill the bill, which would have passed on a majority vote.

BuzzFlash calls its "economic treason."

We have to hang on for just 40 more days, and the U.S. Senate should get rid of the filibuster in January, or at least put it at 67 votes and make the filibusters actually talk. Any parliamentarians in the house?

The stakes are clear: Rid the Senate of this undemocratic relic or stare into the face of a near depression.

The Republicans will do anything to screw workers, let's kill the filibuster to help them, the workers that is.

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Bail out vs. severance pay?

"Faced with staggering new unemployment figures, Democratic congressional leaders said Friday they were ready to provide a rescue plan for American automakers . . . "
New York Times Service

Not faced with the economic needs of the companies.  Not faced with the economic prospects of the companies.  Not faced with the viability of the companies.  But, faced with the new unemployment figures.

Does anyone think this is it?  

Does anyone thing the pigs won't be back at the trough?

Does anyone doubt that all these "bailed-out" entities will continue to require more cash infusions?

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