Crashing the Gate going to Australia

Pluto Press will launch a new series of creative non-fiction writing on contemporary issues at this year's Melbourne Writers' Festival in September, and included is Crashing The Gate, for Australian distribution (in the pre-order stage till release in August). As you can see, CTG has an Australian-edition cover, with a new Introduction by Evan Thornley.

We are in the final stages of setting up a couple of other developments. These include (likely happening) a audio version of the book (or at least a condensed version on podcast) and a nationwide college tour in September. We'll at least we've got a few months before that ride.

Also, the premire edition of The Democratic Strategist was released this week. I'm really hopeful for the online magazine's vision that is "avowedly partisan, aimed at achieving an enduring Democratic Majority." This issue looks beyond 2006, to think about strategies of the Democratic Party for the next decade. I've an article that's included, Replacing the Battleground Mentality with the Mapchanger Attitude in the Democratic Party.

There's more...

Federal Government Grants for Australian Business Owners



Starting a small business or broadening a present business may be pricey. There are grants or loans on the market for people that allow company growth or development. Though coming to the thoughts of many maybe to come to a financial institution to get a company mortgage when in actuality; the federal government is the biggest service provider of grants or loans to start small businesses.


Many huge companies got their start up capital with a small government grant. You will find grants available for expanding and improving and also commencing a profitable business. The Small Business Administration is a government mandated association built to assist small enterprises with services offering financial loan programs.


Through with the Small Business Administration a small company can apply for both lengthy and short term loans to help out  with  business needs.

You can find four basic types of financial loans supplied through them. A enterprise mortgage guarantee program, the micro loan program, development company organization loan plan and the small company investment organization program.


An additional option would be to apply to different  companies or foundations. A number of these corporations give financial grants to small business owners. Each time a corporation supplies a grant to a small company owner, they could use the cash given being a large income tax write off.


Australia offers several privately owned foundation and government grant programs around. Once starting a search for grants, private or government, be ready for a large number of prospects. You will need to go through the types appearing to suit your requirements to ascertain their own legitimacy. If the free grant seems to be legitimate and one that matches your standards anticipate to give lots of details.


There are grants intended for certain forms of small businesses or minority grants like for women starting a small business. Most of the foundations would want to know the reasons why you consider you meet the criteria, what type of business you want to have, and if there are other loans out there for that business.

If there is a contract specified for the grant application, get the details well before it ends. An application that is given after a due date are not analyzed. Any grant that pertains to you and your business apply for it. There are grants for small amounts of money as well as those for larger chunks.


If you've not acquired any kind of feed-back of a larger value, applying to several small sum grants could possibly be nearly as good for your business. Almost all organizations that provide grants have levels of competition within their area. Discover who their particular rivals are and mail an inquiry even though they do not promote the availability of a grant.



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