Bill Maher Is Wrong

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Bill Maher is wrong about religious people when he says they are all either deluded, crazy, intellectually lazy or just plain stupid...

... and I say that as an atheist who thinks religion is responsible for more evil than anything else in human history, that all religions are plain fucking crazy and that most religious people are either deluded, crazy, intellectually lazy or just plain stupid.

Important distinction.

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Can't we keep religion out of this?

I was so disappointed last night when both Hillary and Barack participated in what was called a "faith forum" on CNN and both declared that they, as president, would do the "will of god". The mess that religion makes in governments is so clear world wide that it scares me to see it becoming the basis for this campaign.

Perhaps it was seeing the animated film "Persepolis" yesterday afternoon which shows how religion ate up the freedom of the Iranian people after their overthrow of the Shah and made it an example of a country where ethics and human values come last. Perhaps it was thinking about how much emphasis is being placed on the visit of Pope Benedict to Washington DC and the political influence it will have from the President meeting the plane on down. Or maybe it was just the fact that our Constitution has been ignored for the separation of church and state and made secondary to the belief structures of so many evangelistic ministers.


I have yet to hear a politician say he or she would support the rights of atheists. I have yet to see an opening of a Congressional session (or a Convention of political debates for that matter) open with a statement of ethics from an atheist as opposed to a religious invocation.

When Obama said he would maintain the Office of Faith Based Initiatives last night I cringed. When Hillary tied herself to the small-town middle class and its reliance on god (over government, I guess) I felt like barfing.

That McCain had the sense to stay out of last night's god fest did not help my views of my own party.

So I would like to take this opportunity to use this blog as a forum for the candidates to state their support of the atheists and agnostics among us... to make a statement of support for non-believers... to tell us whether they will put the Constitution above the Bible... to say if they will invite an atheist to make a statement of ethics and morality not tied to any religion at their inauguration. Anything they send me will be printed uncut here.

e-mail me at

I don't expect any responses.

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Hitchens: Karl Rove an Atheist

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According to ex-liberal neo-con Bush administration buddy Christopher Hitchens, Karl Rove is an atheist. Here's an excerpt from his interview with  New York magazine's Boris Kachka:

Has anyone in the Bush administration confided in you about being an atheist?
Well, I don't talk that much to them--maybe people think I do. I know something which is known to few but is not a secret. Karl Rove is not a believer, and he doesn't shout it from the rooftops, but when asked, he answers quite honestly. I think the way he puts it is, "I'm not fortunate enough to be a person of faith."

What must Bush make of that?
I think it's false to say that the president acts as if he believes he has God's instructions. Compared to Jimmy Carter, he's nowhere. He's a Methodist, having joined his wife's church in the end. He also claims that Jesus got him off the demon drink. He doesn't believe it. His wife said, "If you don't stop, I'm leaving and I'm taking the kids." You can say that you got help from Jesus if you want, but that's just a polite way of putting it in Texas.

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First Admitted Atheist In Congress

This is a copy of a letter I wrote to Congressman Pete Stark (D-13th District, CA) on hearing the March 12th announcement  that he has gone on record acknowledging his nontheism in response to an inquiry from the Secular Coalition for America:

Dear Representative Stark,

I am not in your district and I do not know much about you personally or where you stand politically but it does not matter. I feel that you represent me in a way that my own congressman never has because I, like you, am a freethinker and a nontheist. In an environment where polls show that Americans without a god-belief are more distrusted than any other minority and that the majority of our countrymen would not vote for an atheist even if he or she were the most qualified for office, it takes a great deal of courage to take a public stance on this issue of conscience. That's true for most us. Admitting you don't believe in God can be devastating to family, career and friendships. Few of us do it lightly or without a great deal of soul-searching. I admire your courage and strength of character.

It could be that, if I were in your district, I still might not vote for you. I make my judgments based on how I feel about the political stance of the candidate on the issues, not on his or her race, creed or sexual orientation; but even if I didn't vote for you, you would still be my representative in Congress in a way no other is yet and I thank you and wish you all the best.


Hugh Kramer

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PastorDan Addresses Atheism at DailyKos

PastorDan of DailyKos and Street Prophets has graced my blog with his comments and offered the following useful information with respect to my diary about the political ramifications for the Democratic Party when our atheists and agnostics come out of the closet to advocate for a counter-religious political agenda:

Uh, the least you could do if you're going to go on the attack is get your facts straight.

Street Prophets is not Daily Kos, but a part of the same family of sites. The editorial staffs and positions are separate.

So separate, in fact, that Street Prophets was formed around consideration of religion and politics from a progressive perspective. Given that many progressives are in fact atheists or agnostics - some, like Pete Stark, are even Unitarians - it seemed only fair to let them have their say as well . . . See PastorDan's full comments at the Francis L. Holland Blog.

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