We have heard over the course of the primaries from the Republican side how Obama's idea of talking to our enemies is akin to appeasement. How it's naive and a sign of weakness.

Well sometimes a little ammunition is needed to fight these misguided talking points.

So here it is. So my friends - lock and load.

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The Neville Chamberlain in George Bush

Like the boy who cried wolf, the right keeps shouting about Neville Chamberlain, the British Prime Minister whose "appeasement" of Adolf Hitler famously failed to prevent WWII. From the right-wing perspective, George Bush is another Churchill standing tall against the relentless aggression of bin Laden, Iran, and North Korea.

But that's all nonsense. As David Thielen argued back in March, it's George Bush who should be considered our own Neville Chamberlain.

Above all, Chamberlain's appeasement policy was based on a tragid misreading of Hitler's intentions and a stubborn refusal to adjust to reality. President Bush has been just as inept in dealing with the situation in Iraq. In assuming that Saddam Hussein was involved in 9-11, cooperating with al-Qaeda, and harboring Hitler-like ambitions of global domination, Bush was as grossly mistaken as Chamberlain was about Hitler.

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We Democrats

Here is one last pitch for Chuck Pennacchio.

For what do we Democrats stand? Is it privacy? Perhaps it is equality and the separation of church from both state and science. Do we believe in protecting the environment? Do we favor diplomacy over preemptive war? Should we asking the wealthy to pay their fair share of taxes? In short, do we believe in the common good?

For far too long in the face of fear, we have lived by a policy of appeasement. As the reactionary right has ascended to dominance, we Democrats have softened our beliefs to fall in line with Republican values. As Republicans have overtaken our elected majority by vigorously appealing to their base, we Democrats have asked ourselves the wrong question: Are we too liberal? Furthermore, should we pursue a more conservative path? Instead of reconnecting with our base--the people who would regularly vote for us--Democrats have sought to capture the less reliable swing-voter. While trending to the right, Democrats have falsely assumed that our base will automatically turnout on election day. The result, rather than being a viable alternative to the Republicans, has been a muddled Democratic vision attractive to no one.

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