SIGN PLEDGE to Whip Congress into Shape!

The collective power of the peace movement helped the Democrats take control of Congress and turn Nancy Pelosi from Minority leader into Madam Speaker. But in May the new Congress turned its back on the peace movement, granting Bush another $95 billion for war with no timetable for withdrawal. While the Speaker of the House herself voted against the war funding, she failed to put pressure on the conservative Democrats to form a united front against another blank check for war. She also failed to effectively use her power to decide what bills would come up for a vote. In the case of both the unrestricted war funding and the expanded FISA wiretapping, Pelosi had the ability to keep the bills off the floor but refused to do so. This Fall, Congress will be faced with a new Bush Administration request for a mind-boggling $200 billion more for war. The American people have had enough of Congressional capitulation. Pelosi's approval rating plummeted from a high of 48 percent in March to 39 percent by August, putting her on a par with Dick Cheney, and Congress' approval is at an all-time low of 18%. So CODEPINK women and men are descending upon Washington this month to whip Congress into shape. We'll ride our representatives until they start to represent us! Everyday, from the opening of Congress on September 4 until the vote on more war funding, CODEPINK will be in Congressional offices, hearings, press conferences, fundraisers and favorite DC "watering holes" to poke, prod and pester our elected officials. CODEPINK has been a near constant presence in DC since we rented a house a few blocks from the Capitol in March. This Fall we will move at an even faster clip. Each day that Congress does not move to bring our troops home, CODEPINK activists will be on Capitol Hill holding our elected officials accountable for not representing the will of the majority of Americans. We hate to say it, but the Democratic leadership could take a clue from Karl Rove (he might be a nasty guy, but he's no dummy). In a press interview as he left office, he gave the Democrats some free advice. He described his politics as building on the energy of the base of the Republican Party and expanding it outward. He mentioned that the Democrats could build on the energy of their base, like the "Pink Ladies", he said, referring to the Code Pink women who dogged him until the day he left office. Instead, the Democrats have been turning potential allies in the peace movement into adversaries¬órefusing to meet with us, strategize with us or represent us. This August recess, when CODEPINK activists went on a 2-week hunger strike and camped outside Speaker Pelosi home just trying to get a meeting, she not only refused to meet but screamed at the fasters, calling them "nuts." Our advice? Do what the country asked you to do when you were voted into office on November 2006: Stand up to Bush. Lead us out of Iraq. Don't give this administration another blank check for war. Push the Republicans in Congress to break rank with Bush, but also force the conservative Dems to follow your lead. Only vote for, or put on the floor, legislation that sets a fixed timeline for withdrawal or stipulates that funds be used solely for the safe and speedy withdrawal of our troops. Build on the energy and passion of the anti-war movement. Make us your allies, not your adversaries If you can dialogue with Syrian strongman Bashar al-Asad, you can surely meet with and work with the peace-loving Pink Ladies, the Quakers, Veterans for Peace and others who have been the heart and soul of our nation's efforts to end this shameful war. If Pelosi, Reid and the others in leadership won't whip this Congress into shape, you can bet we will. Take the pledge today to whip Congress into shape at "Whip Congress Into Shape" animation was produced by CODEPINK and created by Mark Farinas and Bad Monkey Studios (

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Out of the Polls and Into the Halls (of Congress)-America Stands Watch

We know where the American public stands. And we know that the troops stand beside us. This war must end now. But what will it take. Iraq Veterans Against the War continues to grow and with the support of the American public is building an effective GI resistance movement (there is much still to do to support their efforts).  Civilians continue to press on their elected officials in a variety of ways from direct to indirect action. Pressure is building and expectations are high for September as the "Report" in the middle of the month and how Congress responds to it will lay the groundwork for either endless war or an end to the Iraq War.

So, on September 4th, when Congress reconvenes let them know that you are watching them. No longer is the American public asking or requesting an end to the war, we are expecting it. And we will be there to make sure that Congress follows our lead. Stand up for democracy,

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Top-Ten Reasons to Get Out of Iraq. Now!

...You don't bring freedom to people by waging war on their cities and towns, and you don't protect innocent people by killing innocent people. It is a crime to aggressively take the life of another person. There is no murder of innocent people that can be justified by claiming that it was necessary for the "greater good." ...

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Progressive Candidate Joins 2008 Democratic Field

The Democratic presidential field has a new anti-war candidate as a late entry. Progressive blogger and millionaire businessman Dal LaMagna has entered the field on a progressive and anti-war platform. LaMagna, who sold his company in 2004 for $50 million, is a founding partner and a progressive blogger at The Huffington Post and the producer of three feature length Iraq War movies:  The Ground Truth, The War Tapes, and Iraq For Sale. He was co-Chair of US Senator Maria Cantwell's reelection campaign and a confidante of Congressman Jim McDermott. yId=585

LaMagna, a self-described "progressive capitalist" who gave his employees a 10 percent stake in the ownership and sale of Tweezerman Corp., has been focused almost exclusively on ending the war in Iraq. He got a mention in a New York Times story this week for his role hosting a Sunni Arab member of the Iraqi Parliament at his home in Washington, DC. LaMagna says "being a presidential candidate has been helpful" in his quest to help Iraqis secure their country. 07/05/another_dark_horse_joins_the_0.htm l

Dal LaMagna, anti-war activist, wealthy businessman, blogger and confidante to Rep. Jim McDermott and members of the Iraqi Parliament, is running for president.

LaMagna confirmed just now that he will run and his Web site has gone live. The campaign also e-mailed potential supporters today saying an announcement will come soon. vidpostman/archives/2007/05/wealthy_anti war_activist_a_demo_candidate_for_presid ent.html

Dal LaMagna, a businessman and political advocate, recognizes the importance of listening to Iraqi voices.  He feels that most Americans do not believe what they hear from the Bush administration regarding what is actually happening in Iraq and they suspect Western media's reporting on the crisis.   So last August he joined the Global Exchange/CodePink Peace Delegation which met with a slate of Iraqis in Amman, Jordan.  Then, the day after the November election he returned to Amman with Congressman Jim McDermott to hear voices from throughout the Middle East including Iraqis.  Both times Members of Iraq's Parliament were interviewed.  He video-taped these meetings and so he could share the interviews with the rest of us through power point presentations.  His mission was to put Members of Congress and Americans in the room with these people.  

I interviewed Dal recently and he took me and Linda Schade, the executive director of VotersForPeace.US, through a power point presentation of August trip to Jordan. ign/

In August, a delegation of peace activists, including Code Pink and YES! board member Dal LaMagna, traveled to Jordan to hear from Iraqi leaders what they think it would take to end the violence.

It turns out, the Iraqi leadership have some pretty clear ideas, and LaMagna wanted to present them to people back in the United States. From more than 16 hours of video footage taken during the discussion, he compiled an interactive presentation in which Iraqis speak for themselves about the keys to restoring peace. The meetings also led to the Iraq Reconciliation Plan.

In November, LaMagna returned to Jordan, this time with Congressman Jim McDermott of Washington state, to meet with members of the Iraqi parliament and also ambassadors and leaders from other Middle East countries. D=1648

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"Chatting" With Ahmadinejad


"Chatting" With Ahmadinejad
eileen fleming

Among the Americans who were held hostage from 1979-1981 in Iran, Bruce Laingen, the former charge de affaires for the U.S. Embassy in Iran, has now publicly called for the Bush administration to put aside its incendiary language and seek diplomatic direct discussions with Iran instead.

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