No Plea

As Arlie Rufus writes this he is hearing that there could be a plea deal in the dogfighting case involving Michael Vick, among others.  Arlie Rufus has one thing to say -- no plea bargains!  Arlie Rufus adovcated Michael Vick and others getting their day in court -- and Arlie Rufus still wants that day.  That day is not just for Mr. Vick -- it is for the dogs who are made to fight and then killed.  Make your voice heard along with Arlie Rufus -- be vocal.  No plea bargains!  The dogs deserve real justice!!

Arlie Rufus

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Death, Destruction and Animal Rights: Democratic Party's gift to Louisville

Dems continue to wander and dabble their way towards automatic support of animal rights issues, leaving their dog and pet-owning constituents to fend for themselves as best they can.

Residents of Louisville, Kentucky are getting ready to assume the position.

The countdown for implementation of Louisville's gargantuan anti-pet, anti-pet owner animal control ordinance continues.

In the meantime, Wayne Pacelle, President and CEO of the largest, richest animal rights organization in the country--the organization that basically wrote the Louisville ordinance--says he's looking forward to a banner year.

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Dems hate dogs, love profiling

Louisville, KY, Dems:  Profiling us because of our dogs

Negative stereotyping of dog owners: business as usual for Democrats in Louisville.

Just what the hell is the Democratic Party thinking? Is the dog owner equivalent of "driving while black" now official Democratic Party policy?

While Republican members of the Metro Louisville City Council stand up for the civil rights of law-abiding and caring dog owners, Dems seem too busy snuggling up to the Humane Society of the United States' bank account to notice that they are pissing off their own core constituency.

Forget sticking up for the little guy! Cuddle up to special interests instead?

Dems are whizzing in their own cornflakes!

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Start your engines, boys. The Testicle War is ON!

Gentlemen: Start your engines (and hang on to your balls!)

The Tacoma, Washington Gonad Battle is about to begin!

(Quick update to the previous diary on the Testicle Wars):

The American Kennel Club advises that the December 12 Tacoma City Council meeting will address the issue of mandatory spay neuter of all dogs in Tacoma, Washington.

You're going to feel a little pressure

Actually, you're gonna feel a LOT of pressure. Particularly in the vicinity of your Bill of Rights guaranteed protection of private property. The U.S. Constitution says the government cannot simply strip you of what you own. Like that quivering little chunk of your dog.

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Screwing the Pooch: Political Clout, profiling and "protecting animals"

Are campaigns to "protect animals" all about negatively profiling people?Seems the Humane Society of the United States, income $125 million in 2005, outgrew the "animal welfare" biz. HSUS tweaked its homepage tag line and language to appeal to donors on a whole 'nother level.

Its all about "protecting animals" now.

Question is: protect them from what?

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