The Stained Glass Ceiling: Rankism in Action

I just read the NYT article about the stained glass ceiling for women in the church, and I was especially struck by this comment: the marketplace of ideas and values, men matter most definition, women have to take a back seat...

Why do men matter most in the marketplace of ideas?

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Lebanon and Dignity: How Many Times Until Bush Gets the Message?

Over the last couple of weeks, if you listened through the sound of artillery bombardment and screams, you could hear one word being repeated over and over again: dignity. My ears first perked up when Link TV aired former President Carter's rebuke of the Bush Administration for insisting that Lebanon assume a posture of subservience. This morning (I believe it was on International Dateline), I heard an impassioned Dr. Amaal Saad-Ghorayeb demand dignity for the Lebonese people. A quick sprint through the blogosphere reveals dignity-based activism here and here and here and here.  

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What is Dignity? My definition.

One of the problems with establishing dignity as a fundamental value is that everyone's idea of dignity is different. My friend Bob Fuller has been attempting to define it in the breach as the removal of rankism. Recently, I've been trying to supplement this abstract approach by enumerating specifics. As I jotted down images and ideas, a common theme emerged. I realized that the one thing I needed most to be able to maintain my sense of dignity in life was the ability to preserve my integrity.

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Rankism Pushes Women Out of Science

For the past week the media has been ablaze with the transgender perspective on bias against women in science. Women have been crying out about this sort of rankism for decades, but the public has been largely apathetic toward "ivory tower" issues.

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How Dignity Could Give Democrats an Electoral Mandate

Democrats are divided over whether appealing to the moderate center or galvanizing their progressive base is the better strategy. Given the public's declining confidence in Republican leadership, either strategy may enable Democrats to win at the polls. But neither approach will give them the electoral mandate required to govern effectively and retain the public's support once they're in office.

Fortunately, choosing between these two strategies is unnecessary. There is an alternative to left-right politics and by adopting it Democrats can remain true to progressive principles while attracting millions of voters from the non-ideological middle.

The step beyond the "New Deal," the "Fair Deal," and the "Great Society" is a "Dignitarian Society." The slogan is Dignity For All.

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