For Ardent Anti Choice Republicans...Someone should write an ad...

The New York Times published an artical today about the government of Nicaragua that recently voted to extend the current abortion ban to even those that would save a mother's life. -Nicaragua-Abortions.html?hp&ex=1161 921600&en=474b4458a3eb26b9&ei=50 94&partner=homepage

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MN-03: Wendy Wilde Launches Radio Ads Today!

We're live on the radio this morning with our first flight of ads in the Twin Cities.  They're playing on WCCO from Tuesday to Saturday from 5AM - 9AM and on Air America.  

You can watch the You Tube video of our jingle on You Tube here: Had Enough?.

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Western North Carolina News Network Launch!!!

Attention Diligent Ones!


(Or tell me why the youtube embed doesn't work here).

From the Press Release:

"Western North Carolina News Network (WNCNN), created by local political organizer, Gordon D. Smith, is political satire presented as a cable news program in the vein of Steven Colbert's The Colbert Report and Jon Stewart's The Daily Show.  WNCNN will air weekly on Mondays on numerous internet sites including beginning on September 18, 2006.  The series intends to highlight the shortcomings of Republican incumbent Congressman Charles H. Taylor through the use of satire, sarcasm, and visual humor.

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What I Learned from Laura Ingraham

Here are the top three things that have genuinely surprised me listening to Hugh Hewitt, Michael Medved, Laura Ingraham, and Dennis Prager on the local right-wing radio station the past month or so:

For an ostensibly uber-populist medium, there's sure an awful lot of complaining about the ignorance and weak will of the American people.  For every denunciation of the elitism of prayer-banning, lesbian-loving, terror-supporting liberal judges (who are just like the Islamo-Nazis in their lack of faith in the people, Laura Ingraham reminds us), there are two or three denunciations of the gullibility of our Bush-betraying, 9/11-forgetting, sacrifice-disrespecting electorate.  ABC's docu-drama, Hugh Hewitt insists, was assailed by the Democrats because it had the potential to remind an ungrateful citizenry of the risk posed by the bad men and the weak men who wouldn't fight them.

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Sponsor's Thread

And now for a word about our advertisers... A special thanks to all of our sponsors, without whom I would have to get a regular job.


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