Edwards Running Too Far Left?

Top tier pundit Stuart Rothenberg ponders whether
or not John Edwards is running too far to the left to make him appealing
to mainstream Democrats and mainstream Americans in today's Roll Call.

I'll admit I'm scratching my head more often at Edwards'
seemingly insatiable desire to run to the left -- far to the left -- of
everyone in the Democratic race with the possible exception of Rep. Dennis
Kucinich (Ohio).

Increasingly, political observers are whispering that Edwards seems to be
running much as former Rep. Richard Gephardt (D-Mo.) Did in 2004, wooing
organized labor and recycling a class warfare message...While almost
everyone has nice things to say about the former Missouri lawmaker
personally, and Gephardt has his share of loyalists, he finished a
disappointing fourth in Iowa last time, something Edwards presumably hopes
to avoid.

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Coulter Advertisers: There's a New Crop. Action Requested.

While pondering a new diary last night on the viability of targeting Rush Limbaugh's advertisers following his recent racist remarks, a fellow Kossack sent me an email with screen caps of four new major advertisers on anncoulter.com. I then took another look at the site and after a number of browser refreshes found five additional new advertisers, one of which (Edmunds.com) had previously responded last month that they were pulling their ads.

Remembering some of the comments a few weeks ago at Freeperville over our Coulter awareness campaign, a number of the knuckledraggers remarked that her advertisers would be back soon. Are we going to let that happen? Let's launch our own "surge" and let these advertisers know we are disappointed and troubled that they have chosen to support a known voice of hate speech.

Crossposted at Diatribune. Will be crossposted at DKos at 430PM EDT. For a list and contact info on the new advertisers at anncoulter.com, go to the flip:


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Hillary 1984 Ad

Regardless of which Democrat one supports, I think we should collectively reject the kind of nasty, destructure advertising shown in the YouTube ad.  I hope Obama is not behind this.  It's trash, of the sort that the GOP has used against us.  We cannot allow any Democrat to attack another this way.  

I wonder whether it's actually a right-wing smear on both Hillary and Obama?

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AdAge article - will there be burnout? And why the need for $$$?

There's an interesting article today in AdAge entitled "Too Soon? Two-Year Prez Race Could Lead to Marketing Miscues, Burnout"

http://adage.com/article?article_id=1153 59

Two excellent quotes:

"I think the current process of spending an entire year running in order to spend an entire year running in order to get sworn in in January 2009 is stupid." - Newt Gingrich

"If you assigned the task of developing a political system to an insane asylum, this is what they would come up with." - Larry Sabato

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Ann Coulter Website Advertisers List with Contact Info

Ann Coulter's latest bigoted and hateful diatribe has justifiably evoked rage and disgust throughout the progressive community, and every aspect of the subject has been diaried extensively in the last 48 hours.

One of the best ways to communicate one's distaste for Coulter's repeated incidents of hate speech is to respectfully but firmly let her advertisers know you are deeply troubled by their indirect support of bigotry through their advertising on Coulter's website.

A list of Coulter's advertisers with contact information is detailed below. Please note that web advertisers place ads in rotations, often only visible during specific time periods, and thus this list may not be complete. Go to www.anncoulter.com and hit your refresh button to view the various ads at the top. If you find new advertisers (or it appears those on the list below have pulled out), send me a screen capture of the page to the email addy in my profile and I will update the diary accordingly.

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