McCain's ad guy won't attack Obama

I don't think I've seen anything like this.

Mark MacKinnon, who designs Mr McCain's advertisements, said he could not face being part of a campaign that "would inevitably be attacking" Mr Obama.

"I have met Barack Obama. I have read his book. I like him a great deal. I disagree with him on very fundamental issues but it would be uncomfortable for me and it would be bad for the McCain campaign," he told National Public Radio.

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Hope Changes Everything


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Obama Advertising Nationally

I was just watching MSNBC, and I saw a Barack Obama for President advertisment.  Not so weird, I guess, but I live in the forbidden state of Michigan. Gasp!

Now, the 12:40 time slot is not an expensive one.  But it is interesting to note that Obama is reaching people not only in Super Tuesday states but beyond.  This is one way that Bush won in '04: he reached Republicans in Hawaii while Kerry forgot about the blue and red states, focusing solely on the 'swing' states'.

Also, I wonder what kind of cut Axelrod is getting off of ads like these.  The fact that Axelrod is taking in a commission makes me think that I may be seeing a few more Obama '08 ads...

Have you seen any Hillary or Edwards ads nationwide?

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Obama's New Ad in Iowa

Obama has a new bio TV ad out in Iowa.  It adds another chapter to the narrative laid out in the first two ads, following Obama's efforts on ethics legislation in Washington.

For one, it's interesting that Obama has the resources this early in the campaign to carry his message consistently both in his advertising and in the speeches he's given this week in Iowa.

The ad combines some breathtaking pictures from his announcement speech, finishing with a quirky swirl effect on his logo at the end of the ad.  All in all, the ad has a very positive, upbeat feel to it.  

[I should add, courtesy of TPM Election Central]

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gansta rap billboard part 2

Anti Gangster Rap Music Billboards Planned Nationally. Had enough of the Negative Rap Music! There is more. Check out how true leadership happens locally. Newspaper and community stakeholders in Rochester, NY leading by example. Hat tip: Democrat and Leaders in Rochester, N.Y are taking action against negative rap music. They have been waging a campaign against the violence and misogyny in gangsta rap for more than two years now.For the third straight year, the Democrat and Chronicle Editorial Board is continuing its campaign to rescue hip-hop from its gangsta rap hijackers. James F. Lawrence Editor, Editorial Page, at the Democrat and Chronicle newspaper in Rochester, N.Y. says; "Let's be clear: We're not against hip hop, the uniquely urban America musical genre that has gained worldwide popularity. We deplore the way that entertainment executives have thrust gangsta rap and its vileness on pop culture and impressionable young. More at: 07/06/25/gangsta-rap-and-anti-gangsta-ra p-organizing/


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