Barack Obama, DNC, Road to 60 and more - I Gave how about you?

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This is just a small diary with a few words to help push some good candidates and some good ActBlue pages.

I have not been able to give anything for quite a while. I gave a small amount to two worthy ActBlue pages today.

First off, I gave to MyDD's Road to 60 ActBlue page.

They have a great list of candidates that are worthy to support.

Between now and the election, we'll be profiling and targeting several Senate races that themselves serve as the NRSC's firewall against our getting to 60 seats. They will include seats that the GOP simply should not lose and if they do, then you know 60 is within reach.

Our hope is, with your help, to turn longshots into competitive races and competitive races into top tier ones - and above all to make the Republicans spend money to defend and retain seats where they've never had to before. We are going to douse that firewall.

Second, I gave to Washington Woman's We The People ActBlue page.

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OH-16: John Boccieri Mobilizes Campaign Five years after "Mission Accomplished"

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I love days like today...a blogger's dream! The campaign just pounded so much Mojo at me today I had turn it into a major round-up. It's a quite fitting run of "Ground Mobilization" by our candidate, the Ohio State Senator Major John Boccieri. Boots on the ground! It's time to rock Ohio's 16th Congressional District out of the tired funk from "The Hillary, Barack, McCain Diary Train". Get ready for the battle brewing here in Northeast Ohio!

Out of Headquarters...Ground Mobilization!

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Tom Perriello for a Obamajority


Last Monday I launched the Obamajority to give Barack Obama a strong progressive Congress that will enact his bold agenda. I started it out with three canidates, Rick Noriega, Darcy Burner and Patrick Murphy. I also asked for suggestions for who to endorse next.

The canidate that received the most support by far was Tom Perriello. I had already heard about his impressive run for Congress and so I am exited to announce that Tom is the latest canidate to be added to the Obamajority. So go and give him some change for change. In this essay I take a look at Tom and his campaign to bring much needed leadership to Virgina's 5th Congressional District.

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Progressives for Obama


Today Tom Hayden, Bill Fletcher, Jr., Barbara Ehrenreich and Danny Glover published a open letter to American progressives urging them to join them and support Barack Obama. Why? Because Obama's campaign is a movement.

We intend to join and engage with our brothers and sisters in the vast rainbow of social movements to come together in support of Obama's unprecedented campaign and candidacy. Even though it is candidate-centered, there is no doubt that the campaign is a social movement, one greater than the candidate himself ever imagined

I think this is a very important letter and I'll take a deeper look at it in this essay.

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Let's build an Obamajority

There is still a lot more work to do if we want to get Barack Obama elected. But if we want to truly change this country we need to do more then that. We need to build strong Democratic majority in the House and Senate committed to passing Obama's agenda of change. In short we need an Obamajority.

So I e-mailed a few people who had helped out with the Obamathon and came up with the idea for a fundraising drive like the Obamathon but for congressional candidates who will help build a Obamajority. Using the amazing ActBlue we have set up a fundraising page to build The New Obamajority. To start out it features three great candidates. Rick Noriega, Darcy Burner and Patrick Murphy. More will be added as time goes on (suggestions are welcome at obamathon (AT) gmail (DOT) com) but for now let me introduce you to those three great candidates who will help build an Obamajority.  

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