Michelman for Senate in PA? Please, no!

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Something tells me she'll decide against it in the end, but it appears that Kate Michelman, the abortion rights leader, is thinking of running as a spoiler in the Pennsylvania Senate race.  Well, of course, she doesn't intend to be a spoiler, but let's not kid ourselves.

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Abortion Ban in MS: No Exceptions for Rape or Incest

Anti-women, anti-life lawmakers in Mississippi are upset that they will no longer go down in history as the first state in the country to force women who are raped by their fathers to have the baby. A Mississippi House Committee has voted to ban all abortions, with an exception to save the life of the woman. If this bill passes, it will kill many more women than it will "save." There are no exceptions for rape or incest:

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Abortion: A time to fight

Though the Republican Party's war on women has had many fronts, its latest is South Dakota, the first state to openly defy Roe v. Wade in the hopes that the battle will soon move to a more anti-choice-friendly Supreme Court. There, the battle for the future will begin in earnest.

What I've said before bears repeating. If we Democrats aren't willing to stand up and fight for a woman's right to choose, for a pro-choice, pro-child point-of-view that fully educates women and young people about reproductive issues - including contraception and abortion - then who will?

The real question, therefore, is this: When the battle begins, whose side will you be on? Will you be ready to fight, tooth and nail, for women? For what's right? For our values?

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South Dakota Passes Rapists' Reproductive Rights Act of 2006

How could a bill like this pass in any state in this country? This "abortion ban" bill gives parental rights to rapists. How sick is that?

[Updated regarding vote of South Dakota Legislature on HB 1215(Abortion ban bill.) Out of 14 women noted between both houses, only four women voted against this bill. Disgraceful.

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Women's Issues News Roundup

With all eyes still on Dick and his gun, a lot of stories are falling thru the cracks. Unfortunately, stories about women's issues (I know they aren't just women's issues) are often ignored altogether.

A new study by the World Association for Christian Communication, a non-governmental organization that promotes communication for social change, found that while women make up 52 percent of the world's population, they make up only 21 percent of news subjects. The findings are based on news items appearing on a single day (Feb. 16, 2005). Almost 13,000 news items were surveyed on that day in 76 countries.

Here's an overview. I try to do this daily at StoriesinAmerica.

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