'First they came for Roe; then they came for Griswold'

The Times Magazine cover story today is a doozie.

Now that abortion provision in most places in the US has been squeezed or eliminated by the death by a thousand cuts technique of the pro-life fanatics, they're moving seamlessly on to expand their activities against contraception.

RU-486 is a transitional guy for them. And Bush himself has declined to support the right to contraception.

We even have Plan B getting Hillary on the right side (that's to say, the left side) of the argument for once!

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Republicans panic

There's a guiding principle behind everything the Republicans in power do. If you ask a right-winger, responses would include boldness, decisiveness, leadership. But those, to be blunt, aren't it. No, everything Republicans do - and have done since President Bush took office - can be explained away in one word.


Think about it for a moment. Look at the headlines and you can't escape it. Immigration. Iran. Constitutional bans on gay marriage and flag burning. Bush defending his positions. Congressional Republicans distancing themselves from their president. No matter where you turn, you're confronted with a panicked party gambling with America's future at a time when serious, capable leadership is most needed.

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Abortion Cartoon Fund Raiser

The original of this cartoon:

is for sale on EBay.

Products with the cartoon are also for sale at Café Press.

A bit more on the flip.

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Criminalizing Abortion

This is pretty upsetting... unfortunately, if it were up to social conservatives and to the republican party, ideally (from their point of view), one day the United States will exist under a similar anti-privacy regiment as El Salvador:

Ever imagine what it might be like to live in a place that voted to thoroughly criminalize abortion? A place that sent abortion providers to jail? That policed hospitals? That investigated a woman's uterus? Welcome to 21st-century El Salvador, the state of anti-abortion.

This is how a New York Times photo gallery introduces us to a series of dramatic black and white shots, with equally dramatic and even more moving captions. For example:

The Incarcerated: Carla Herrara, 11, clutches pictures of her mother, Carmen Climaco, who was given 30 years for an abortion that was ruled a homicide.

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Harry Reid's abortion poison pill - it says here...

The Hillstory is that Reid is planning to move on his bill (S 20, the Prevention First Act) designed (among other things) to stop health insurers refusing to pay for contraceptive drugs and devices if their policies cover other sorts of drugs and devices.

It's trumpeted as a wedge issue: Senate Dems can agree on contraceptives, while GOP can't.

This is a Reid - I was going to say initiative but that seems a term altogether too redolent of proactive with pep for the old boy:

When asked whether he would be able to get a vote on his bill soon, Reid said: "I hope so. I'll do what I can."

He added that bringing the issue to the floor is "on my mind."

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