Legislators Way to the Right of Voters in Missouri & South Dakota

In November Missourians will vote on a ballot initiative to reverse the state legislature's ban on stem cell research and South Dakotans will vote on overturning an abortion ban passed by legislators.  I know more about Missouri than South Dakota but in both cases I suspect that legislators are to the right of the state as a whole.  November will be the test.

For years, the Missouri legislature has been lurching rightward.  Missouri is tilting red, but the state is one of the most politically balanced in the country.  Ever since the 1970's -- in Missouri and other states -- the passion to run for the state legislature has been with Republicans, especially those motivated by social issues.  It takes a lot of motivation and energy to run for the legislature and most of those qualities have defined social wingnuts.  Whatever else they lack, they have had plenty of fire (and brimstone too!).  It's rare to see a flaming moderate get started in politics though a lot of politicians end up in the middle.

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Not In My State! - On to the Next Battle!

Petition Drive Successful! Precedent Setting Vote on Extremist Abortion Ban to Go on the Ballot in South Dakota!

Dear MyDD'ers,

We have our first victory!  Thanks to your support, we have blocked the implementation of HB1215, the extremist anti-abortion legislation in South Dakota signed by conservative Governor Mike Rounds, by collecting enough signatures to refer it instead to the ballot in November.

As you may have heard by now our partners, The South Dakota Campaign for Healthy Families, turned in 38,416 petition signatures, more than 20,000 past the required 16,278 for a ballot referral.

But we still have a long way to go. HB1215 is intended as the first of step in what is undoubtedly the most dangerous attack on our constitutional rights since Roe v. Wade.  Mike Rounds' bill outlaws all abortions, including cases of rape and incest.

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Uniting Against the Extremists

In previous Diary we told you why we were fighting against the extremists.  Today we will tell you who exactly we are, and tomorrow we will post who the extremists really are.

Focus South Dakota was formed in the 2004 election cycle as a 527 organization intended to alert moderate and swing voters to the dangers of supporting extremist candidates and positions.

In the 2006 cycle our main focus is repealing HB 1215 and letting the extremists know that their first attack on Roe will be their last

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Defending Your Rights in South Dakota

We are Focus South Dakota and we are fighting for your rights!!

We write today on a matter of urgent importance, not only to the citizens of South Dakota, but to all Americans who value the United States Constitution, who respect the right to choose, and the health of every woman.

On March 6th of this year South Dakota's conservative Governor, Mike Rounds, signed into law HB1215 - the most extreme anti-abortion legislation in the 33 yearssince Roe v. Wade became law. HB1215 bans all abortions in South Dakota - including those resulting from cases of rape and incest.

In fact, in South Dakota right now if you were a victim of rape and got pregnant as a result, not only would you have to carry the pregnancy to full term, but once the child was born, the rapist would have visiting rights

Let the extremists know that this is unacceptable

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Winning the Fight in South Dakota

posted by staff

As you may know, last March Conservative Governor Rounds of South Dakota signed HB 1215 into law.  HB 1215 is the most repressive abortion bill passed since Roe V Wade in 1973.  It outlaws abortion in ALL cases It does not even have exceptions for Rape, Incest or to protect the health of the Mother

However, the South Dakota constitution allows its citizens to gather petition signatures, 16,728 in this case, to block any law signed by the Governor and place it on the ballot in Novembor insted.

Focus South Dakota has taken on the fight to make sure that all extremists around the country know that their first attack on Roe will be there last.

According to Keloland.com over 10,000 signatures have been turned in so far as well as this nugget

Petition carriers were out in force over the weekend in Sioux Falls.

If the necessary signatures are obtained and verified, the proposed law will not go into effect as scheduled on July first, providing voters with the final say on the issue.

If this law goes into effect, it will give the new Supreme Court with Alito and Roberts the opportunity to "review" Roe, and possibly turn it over.

Furthermore, right now, Rapists in South Dakota have guaranteed visitation rights.  So if HB 1215 goes into effect and a women gets raped, she would be forced to have the baby, and face the rapist every month.  Disgusting.

I ask all Kossacks to go to Focus South Dakota and learn a little bit more about this fight.  And if you can, donate a little bit to save Choice in the United States.

Best of all, According to a recent poll if HB 1215 makes it on the ballot in November, it will most likely be overturned I refer to the following poll numbers, as reported by Stories in America

When asked how they would vote on it, 35% said they would keep the ban in place, while 57% would vote to overturn it because it does not include exceptions for rape and incest, while 9% were undecided.

The results are consistent when asked specifically about their position on abortion. 62% said the bill conflicts with what they believe, but 32.9% agree with it.

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