Skullduggery in South Dakota

 Yesterday I recieved a letter from the "YES" on the South Dakota abortion ban group.  At first I was going to throw it away, but then I thought to myself, "What if this is a last-minute, manipulative, nasty mail piece?" So, I opened the letter.  What I next read shocked me.  This letter claims to apparently be from the democratic party, telling its members that South Dakota Democrats support the ban.  I was shocked that is written to actually sound like it was sent from the Democratic Party.  This letter was likely mailed to democrats throughout the state like myself (they obviously knew I am a Democrat).

It gets worse, below the fold:

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Voters Take Decidedly Anti-Conservative Bent on Initiatives

Just two years ago the nation had conservatism on its mind, passing gay marriage bans in states around the country and reelecting President Bush and a Republican Congress. Today, as Democrats hold significant leads in both individual races and on generic preference questions, Americans are taking a clearly less conservative path on initiatives around the country.

On Tuesday, South Dakotans will have an opportunity to vote on two measures of particular note, one banning gay marriage the other outlawing abortions without exclusion for rape, incest or the health of the mother. Mason-Dixon polling on the latter issue shows that voters in the state are prepared to say no to new restrictions on abortion by a 52 percent to 42 percent margin. On the former issue, South Dakota voters are split on the issue of banning gay marriage, with 47 percent opposing a ban and 46 percent supporting it. In Colorado, where voters will also be deciding whether to ban gay marriage, new SurveyUSA polling shows voters similarly split, with 41 percent opposing the ban and 40 percent supporting it. No matter how you slice these numbers, they represent a major shift in public opinion from just two years ago.

Oregon, where I vote, is seeing a similar shift. A new Oregonian / KATU News poll (.pdf) conducted by non-partisan firm Davis, Hibbitts & Midghall finds some interesting results from the three (of ten, total) ballot measures that they poll. On Measure 43, parental notification for teen abortions, 50 percent of Oregonians oppose the measure while just 42 percent support it. Independents oppose the measure by a ten-point margin. On legislative term-limits (Measure 45), which passed a decade ago but was later tossed out by the courts, the measure goes down 57 percent to 32 percent. Majorities of all partisan groups oppose the measure. And on Measure 48, a Colorado-like TABOR law, Oregonians overwhelmingly vote no, 57 percent to 24 percent. Looking at the cross-tabs, even a plurality of Republicans opposes the measure, 45 percent to 34 percent (large majorities of Democrats and Independents also vote no).*

If all of these numbers hold on election day and Democrats are able to win to anywhere near the extent predicted by most analysts, not only will voters have roundly rejected the Republican Party but they will also have shouted a resounding "no" to the conservative politics and tactics used by Republicans and the far Right alike in recent years and tactics, fundamentally undermining the Right not only in the short term but also in the long run.


* - All numbers include leaners

SD-GOV: Things are really heating up in South Dakota

Things are certainly getting interesting here in South Dakota.  Today, the campaign for healthy families was holding a peaceful protest and the pro lifers were out in full force to disrupt.  They brought their vans with grotesque images of dead babies plastered on them to the rally.  Then they stood on their van, in full military fatigues and bull horns and screamed at the pro-choice protesters.  It was really a dispicable sight.

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For Ardent Anti Choice Republicans...Someone should write an ad...

The New York Times published an artical today about the government of Nicaragua that recently voted to extend the current abortion ban to even those that would save a mother's life. -Nicaragua-Abortions.html?hp&ex=1161 921600&en=474b4458a3eb26b9&ei=50 94&partner=homepage

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Gov. Rounds Gets the Facts Wrong

South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds falsely claimed that the state's abortion ban would allow a woman to have an abortion "using pharmaceuticals." The truth?  The abortion ban in South Dakota calls for a near-complete ban on abortions.  

So what was Gov. Rounds referring to?  According to the Rapid City Journal, Rounds meant that women in South Dakota can still use emergency contraception (EC, also called the "morning-after pill").

But Gov. Rounds doesn't have the facts right.  EC works to prevent pregnancy. If a woman is already pregnant when she takes EC, it will have no effect. Emergency contraception helps prevent the need for abortion.  And under South Dakota law, pharmacists can refuse to dispense emergency contraception because of their personal biases -- even to survivors of rape. Same goes for hospital emergency rooms.

This is just another desperate attempt by Gov. Rounds to mislead South Dakotans.

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