We Are Willing To Go To Any Means Necessary

On Wednesday I wrote a piece on Huffington Post and another at Open Left talking about the centrality of fixing the foreclosure crisis to any recovery from the economic meltdown. Since the toxic assets at the center of the meltdown are based on mortgages that are entering foreclosure at a rate of one every 13 seconds, we have to address foreclosure as a part of getting America back on its feet.

The Homeowner Affordability and Stabilization Plan (HASP), announced in Phoenix on Wednesday by President Obama, which will help up to an estimated 9 million families, is a good first step - and the first serious effort by the Federal government to confront the challenge. But just because there was an announcement does not lessen the urgency of the problem. We are still in a situation where four families every minute enter the foreclosure process. We believe there must be a moratorium on foreclosures until HASP is fully implemented.

So yesterday we at ACORN launched the Home Defenders campaign in seven cities - a campaign to force the question of moratoriums and to press the urgency of this crisis into the consciousness of elected officials on the state and national levels. This is a campaign of refusal and resistance, refusal by distressed homeowners to cooperate with the foreclosure process and resistance to attempts to evict them from their homes. And in some cases it is a campaign of getting people back into their homes.

I wanted to give everyone a report-back from our activities yesterday, which you can find in the extended entry.

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OH-16: John Boccieri Mobilizes Campaign Five years after "Mission Accomplished"

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I love days like today...a blogger's dream! The campaign just pounded so much Mojo at me today I had turn it into a major round-up. It's a quite fitting run of "Ground Mobilization" by our candidate, the Ohio State Senator Major John Boccieri. Boots on the ground! It's time to rock Ohio's 16th Congressional District out of the tired funk from "The Hillary, Barack, McCain Diary Train". Get ready for the battle brewing here in Northeast Ohio!

Out of Headquarters...Ground Mobilization!

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OH-16: John Boccieri(D) Continues to Build Momentum

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Campaign to Put Ohio's Middle Class First

I just love it when Ian drops these Press Releases in my lap. I can't catch enough news about "Bo", because he is on the move non-stop! It must be a residual affect of that NCAA-I "Stolen Base" title he held in college!

Democratic State Senator Holds Commanding 2 to 1 Fundraising Lead Over Republican Opponent

(Canton, OH)  Congressional candidate and State Senator John Boccieri(D) continues to build momentum for his campaign to put Ohio's middle class first by holding a commanding 2 to 1 financial lead over his opponent State Senator Kirk Schuring. Boccieri has a more than $200,000 fundraising advantage over Schuring and has out-raised him in all of the reporting periods this election cycle.

"John Boccieri has built a strong campaign that speaks to voters' demands for promoting policies that put Ohio's middle class first, invests in jobs and health care here at home, and ends tax breaks for companies that ship jobs overseas," said Boccieri for Congress Campaign Manager Ian Walton.

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Fire Albert Wynn (http://FireWynn.blogspot.com)

Fire Albert Wynn ( http://FireWynn.blogspot.com) is a new blog showing how Albert Wynn hasn't just failed the people of Prince George's and Montgomery counties but has ignored, sold out, and eagerly worked against the interests of our communities.

After his opportunistic attempt to hide his pro-war, hawkish vote to give the president the go ahead to invade Iraq, Rep. Albert Wynn was recently denounced by veterans and their families for giving President W another green light to kill American servicemen and women. See Fire Al Wynn for the full article and to see Albert Wynn's Certificate of Ownership for the Iraq War.

Albert Wynn supports cutting the estate tax -- essentially giving to the rich by stealing from the rest of us and increasing the debt. One magazine writes "Repealing the estate tax is only about making sure the kids of rich people end up wealthier. And if this GOP campaign to comfort the comfortable succeeds, there will be much more pressure to cut the federal budget and chop away at programs that benefit low- and middle-income Americans. This was a vote in favor of class warfare--that is, warfare against those Americans with less." See Fire Al Wynn for the 411.

For more information on how Wynn raises big bucks from oil companies, hints at stealing an election, does nothing about the potential close of Prince George's Community Hospital, interferes with patients' rights, buddies up to people who want to build nuclear power plants, gets an F grade from an African American watchdog group, and sells out working families, Fire Al Wynn (http://FireWynn.blogspot.com) is your source.  

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