Wisconsin Connections to the Foley Scandal

In the spirit of all politics being local, I thought I'd make sure that all of my fellow Wisconsinites had the full skinny on the various Mark Foley connections to be made.  For those keeping score, we can slightly ding Mark Green (who is currently running for Governor), bother F. Jim Sensnenbrenner (running for re-election in the WI-05), and nail John Gard (running to replace Green in the  WI-08).  The connections and links to the good guys are all below the fold.

If you need to know more about the actual Foley scandal itself, well, where have you been, under a rock?  Check the front page, why don't ya!

(This is condensed and edited from two posts done earlier today at my Milwaukee-based blog.)

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WI GOV Race: Justice Department Going After Green

Green is getting very unlucky in Wisconsin. The Justice Department came out swinging in court today.   They are claiming that not only does Green have to return the $467,844 that the Elections Board has called for, but he should also return the whole 1.3 million taken from his congressional campaign fund. Green does not have a lot of money as is and I am sure that this whole mess is costing him a ton.

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New Strategic Vison Poll for WI Governor

New Strategic Vison poll shows Doyle up 46-42 with 12% undecided. Based on the polling agency I would say this is pretty good news. Doyle still has some work to do but things are looking pretty good.

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The view from Wisconsin

        As I sit here in my rural Wisconsin office, I am waiting anxiously to see how this senate race goes.  It has been a trip to read the different perspectives of people that are battling in the trenches of one of the most important primaries of our time.  I do have many fears of how this will turnout, and either way there are some bad things that could happen to the Democratic Party.  
    I believe the worst possible scenario is Lamont winning and Joe running a senate race as an independent.  If that is the case, the Republicans win the senate seat and it cancel's out a lot of hard work on both sides of this primary.  I hope if Lamont wins, Bill Clinton calls up Joe, tells him needs to hold a press conference supporting Mr. Lamont and take 2 weeks in the Caribbean.  
    I think the second worst scenario is Joe Lieberman winning this thing, and the strength and the determination behind the netroots and bloggers is deflated to the point where their strength and ideas are left dwindled going into November.  We need netroots and we need the progressive movement to win in November, and I hope that no matter what happens today, the netroots stay strong and determined.  

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Key GOP Tactic Failing in Key State

So CNN reports that the most "representative" state in the country is now Wisconsin:

http://www.cnn.com/2006/POLITICS/07/27/m g.thu/index.html

This is important, because Wisconsin is also where a key Republican strategy -- antigay constitutional amendments -- has run out of steam.  A recent poll found supporters and opponents of the ban in Wisconsin in a statistical dead heat:

http://wispolitics.com/index.iml?Article =66198

Fair Wisconsin, the group leading the campaign against the ban, is already running TV ads and has volunteer coordinators at work in all 72 Wisconsin counties.

This has the potential to give the Republicans their first-ever black eye on this issue.

Fair Wisconsin is showing that it's possible to take this tactic and give the Republicans the exact opposite of what they wanted: a strong campaign that draws people out to vote from the progressive side instead of the conservative side -- and all this in the most "representative" state in the country.

It's a sign of things to come...

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