50-State Blog Roundup, 6/1/2007


So there's this thing called the 50-State Blog Network, and you should check it out -- it's made up of progressive community-based sites like this one, and it's committed to connecting readers to stories not just in our state, but all over the country.  This week the roundup is coming to you from Minnesota, where we have a top-tier Senate race against Norm Coleman, one of Joe Lieberman's best buds, and a third potential Dem candidate considering a run -- read the interview here.

On with the roundup!

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Design Your Ideal State-based Polling Survey

Ever wish you could bang pollsters and professional survey outfits over the head and say "dammit you're doing it wrong!" like I have?  Seems like it, since right here on MyDD, there's been a lot of discussion around Bowers' Inflated Clinton Poll Theory and the Democratic Strategist even picked up on it.  Well what if we could actually design what a survey looks like?  Check below the fold for more...

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Obama in Milwaukee

This is Obama's speech which he gave at fundraiser in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  I am posting this because I think it is a very impressive speech.  Some have suggested he should have canceled the event.  Read his speech and decide for yourself.


"I have to tell you that we have been doing a lot of these community kick off rallies since I announced that I was running for president on back on February 10 and we have been drawing extraordinary crowds and generating enormous energy and typically these are fun and raucous affairs. I come out and I deliver -- if I've got the energy -- a stemwinder and folks are cheering and we've got flags and balloons and music is piped in and usually I think we have Aretha Franklin and Bono or somebody to get everybody fired up. But as the mayor said we didn't think that was appropriate today and I hope that people don't feel a little bit cheated because we didn't think it was appropriate.

"As you all know 33 people lost their lives today, this morning. Most of them were of the age of many of the young people in this audience, they were going to class, they had their lives in front of them, their parents were proud of them and looking forward to having them home for summer or visiting them on campus and their lives were cut short in a tragic and random fashion. And so it makes all of hearts ache, particularly those of us who are parents. I have an eight-year-old daughter Maila and a five-year-old daughter Sasha and they describe all that I hold dear in the world and so when I hear stories like this I think from the perspective of a parent and I try to imagine what that must be like - not even just the parents of those that were killed or wounded but a parent who knows their child is there and is uncertain as to whether they were in that class or participated in one of the venues that was struck. And it makes us think about violence in this society.

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Can someone explain Wisconsin's Steven M. Biskupic' prosecution?

I don't understand Steven M. Biskupic's case against Georgia Thompson. The evidence does seem so ridiculous that I must be missing something- can someone elucidate the other side of the story?  How could a jury have convicted based on what I have seen. Do we have any juror's reactions? (Was it even a jury case?)The motive of the crime being that ongoing employment helps supervisors!? I would appreciate someone posting from within the state.  

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John Edwards, Dave Obey, and a progressive movement candidacy

Wisconsin is about as swing-y as a `swing-state' can get.  In 2004, Kerry won by less than 1% of the votes cast and in 2000 Gore barely squeaked by as well.  In 2006, in the Democratic wave, we did hold onto the governor's mansion pretty convincingly and picked up the Bloody 8th congressional district while easily holding the other four Democratic House seats.  Herb Kohl walked away with his senate job too.  But we did lose the attorney general's seat after the progressive Democratic incumbent was beaten by a challenger in the primary.  But all in all, if a Democrat is going to win in 2008, chances are that they're going to need to win my home state.  For me, the guy to do it is John Edwards.

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