Wisconsin SEIU endorses Obama.

Good news for Obama...

The Wisconsin SEIU today endorsed Obama, citing his "commitment to expanding access to affordable health care and to protecting workers' rights," according to State Council President Dian Palmer in the release. The union has a little more than 15,000 members.

Spokesman Nathan Hoffmann said the union reached out to members through a phone poll asking which presidential candidate they supported and got input from local leaders and those who attended the members political conference in Washington, DC this summer. Then the nine members of the executive board, representing different parts of the state, voted by electronic ballot yesterday.

Source: http://firstread.msnbc.msn.com/archive/2 007/10/26/433806.aspx

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SUSA general election poll from Wisconsin - Democrats with small lead

SUSA keeps on rolling out daily polls, and today, it released a poll from Wisconsin! This is only a day after the Virginia poll, and before that was Iowa and Missouri.

Like all these states, Wisconsin favors Democrats -- but only by small margins!

Full analysis (and more polls, including NJ GE) at CampaignDiaries.com.

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Wisconsin US Atty Defies DoJ and Says He'll Testify Under Oath

Even as the U.S. Justice Department arrogantly stonewalls requests by the House Committee on the Judiciary for documents pertaining to politically-charged prosecutions in Alabama, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (the Georgia Thompson affair), Wisconsin's U.S. Atty. Stephen Biskupic volunteered to offer transcribed testimony under oath before the Judiciary Committee.

"If they (the House Judiciary Committee) want to hear from me, I'm happy to do it."
Even if the testimony is transcribed and under oath?
"It really doesn't matter to me," said Biskupic, as reported by Dan Bice in the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel.

Biskupic's stated inclination puts him in conflict with his bosses' position at the DoJ which refused to provide documents requested by the House Committee, and which only offered the Committee Biskupic's presence for an "untranscribed briefing," as quoted from the DoJ's Sept. 4 response letter written by Brian A. Benczkowski, the Justice Department's principal Congressional liaison.

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Take Back the Assembly: a 16-month Wisconsin project

[This is an extension of the debut of my new Wisconsin-focused blog Take Back the Assembly, with content included here to bring non-Wisconsin folks up to speed.]

Back in 2006, the glory days of November brought Wisconsin some major gains for Democrats.  We re-elected a Democratic governor for the first time in decades.  We re-took the state senate to hold a decisive 19-15 majority.  And in the state assembly, we took eight seats, bringing the Republican majority to a razor-thin margin of 51-48.  Election night was just one fantastic announcement after another.  But today, 16 months out from Election Day 2008, the radical right-wingers in the Wisconsin GOP passed an incredibly regressive budget, just one more example of being out of touch with people in Wisconsin and reality both.  Time to retake the assembly, time to take our state back.

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Edwards Wins Wisconsin Straw Poll - the vision, the organizing, the experience

For weeks, nay months, leading up to this past weekend's Democratic Party of Wisconsin convention, I had been excited.  Not just because the annual convention is a fast-paced, interesting reunion of people I know from past campaigns and current projects and a chance to meet allies for now and the future, but also because I was really excited to have on consolidated weekend to bring to the state's most active Democrats the gospel of John Edwards and to see how well he would poll amongst the likeliest primary voters and most committed activists.  The anticipation was not ill-founded, and my excitement to see John Edwards do well in my own state was even underestimated.  And I think that what went down this weekend has some lessons for how the race for 2008 might shape up.

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