EDR Emerging As Target of Voter Suppression Activists

Barely noticed in the crush of attention paid to the Crawford v. Marion County Election Board case was coverage of what we think may be an emerging strategy to vilify Election Day Registration by using the same cries of voter fraud that typify arguments for voter ID laws.

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Wisconsin Governor Endorses Obama

With just a few weeks to go until the Wisconsin Primary, Barack Obama gets a state wide endorsement.

From the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

"I see in Barack Obama an incredibly unifying candidate,"

Gov. Jim Doyle hopped aboard the Barack Obama presidential bandwagon today and endorsed the Illinois senator in the race for the White House.

"I see in Barack Obama an incredibly unifying candidate," Doyle said during a conference call this afternoon.

Doyle wasn't even the first one in his family to back Obama. He said his two sons, Gus, 32, and Gabe, 29, both adopted and African-American, already supported Obama's bid for the Democratic Party nomination. Gus Doyle hosted Obama's visit to the University of Wisconsin-Madison late last year.

"We obviously are a family that talks a lot about this," the governor said. "And it's very clear to me they helped me understand how a younger person sees the world. And you can see this in the votes ... when a younger person looks at Barack what they really see is the country moving into the future and the future can be a good one."

Wisconsin's primary will be held Feb. 19 but by then the race for the Democratic Party nomination could be clinched. The state is expected to be a fierce battleground during the general election.

Obama had already secured several other notable endorsements in Wisconsin in previous months. In April he was endorsed by Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett and Common Council President Willie Hines.

Lt. Gov. Barbara Lawton has endorsed New York Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton while Joe Wineke, the state Democratic Party chairman, has given a personal endorsement to former North Carolina Senator John Edwards.

Doyle said he had been thinking about the endorsement "for some time," and that he had "regular conversations" with Obama and members of the campaign.

He said he also had good friends in the race, including New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, while holding in high regard both Hillary Clinton and Edwards.

"Out of loyalty I was not quite ready to make the step," Doyle said. "I've been moving more rapidly in that direction."

The clincher for Doyle appeared to be Obama's victory speech after the Iowa caucuses Thursday.

"When I heard Barack Obama give the speech after the victory in Iowa, I said this is so important I cannot just sit by and not be part of it. I decided this is the time," Doyle said. "The day after I had a chance to talk with Barack and decided this was the time to do it."

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"Election Integrity" Feeding Frenzy Zeros In On Proof-of-Citizenship Requirements

Weekly Voting Rights News Update

By Erin Ferns

As we count down to the new year - a time when the Supreme Court will weigh-in on the voter ID debate and we will cast ballots for the next president of the United States - Texas lawmakers continue to aggressively present the alleged issue of non-citizens voting. This week, voter ID was added to the list of topics to be studied by the House State Affairs Committee for the 2009 legislative session, an action deemed a partisan ploy to reintroduce the "discriminatory and divisive" legislation of 2007. Stirring the so-called voter fraud plot in Texas to greater heights,  a coalition of legislators requested Secretary of State Phil Wilson "implement more stringent proof of citizenship requirements before casting a ballot in Texas" in November 2008.

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New Poll: Wisconsin stays blue, Clinton runs stronger than Obama

Wisconsin has looked uncharacteristically blue in presidential polls of the past few months, and the latest SUSA installment confirms that Democrats has a head-start in the general election. And unlike yesterday's Iowa poll in which Clinton ran significantly behind Obama when matched-up against Republicans, she appears slightly more electable here, one more reminder that electability is very hard to determine among Democrats.

Full poll numbers and other polls from the day here, at CampaignDiaries.com

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Howard Dean to Speak at UW-Milwaukee Nov. 27th

The College Democrats at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee are proud to present DNC Chair, Gov. Howard Dean on Nov. 27th at 10am at the University Union in the Wisconsin Room.

The Governor will discuss the role that college students will play in Wisconsin and across the country in the 2008 elections.

The event is free and open to the public, but free tickets are required as there is limited seating.

If anyone is interested please contact the College Democrats at UW-Milwaukee at uwm@wiscollegedems.org

Nov. 27th 10AM

University Union

2200 E. Kenwood Blvd. Milwaukee WI

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