Another Poll Shows Tight Obama Lead in Wisconsin

Going into today, the average of recent polling out of Wisconsin shows Barack Obama leading in the state by about 5 points ahead of the state's Tuesday primary. Lo and behold, the latest Research 2000 survey shows the same thing.

The WISC-TV poll shows Obama ahead of New York Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, 47% to 42%, in the Democratic primary.

The poll was in the field Wednesday and Thursday, and included interviews of 400 voters deemed to before and I'll say it again, this race in Wisconsin is a lot closer than many think. And perhaps I'm wrong in believing that Hillary Clinton would have been better off campaigning in the state the last few days than not, and that she will be able to win even while spending less time in the state than Barack Obama. But perhaps Clinton has failed to fully capitalize on a situation in which she has a real chance of victory, too.

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Obama Ducking Wisconsin Debate and Stealing Clinton Economic Plans

The Clinton Debate Ad which is airing across Wisconsin is highly effective and is showing how vulnerable Obama is on several issues. Now it appears that the Obama campaign is attempting to steal several economic plans that the Clinton's had already addressed months ago. ?id=718551

Yesterday was a very good news day for Hillary as recent polling from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Texas show here with huge leads and also closing the gap in Wisconsin, where she will campaign heavily this weekend. The announcement that she won the New Mexico Caucus made major headlines as well, which will help as she makes her case in Wisconsin.

While Obama was sitting in Chicago having Valentines dinner with his family, Hillary was aggressively campaigning across Ohio, where she has picked up the endorsement of many key constituents.

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Clinton Has Formidable Leads in Both Ohio and Pennsylvania

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton has double-digit leads over Barack Obama in Ohio and Pennsylvania, both crucial states in upcoming primaries, according to Quinnipiac University poll released Thursday, February 14, 2008.

Both are delegate-rich states. Ohio will hold its primary on March 4, while Pennsylvania's is scheduled for April 22. Clinton was expected to win handily in those states and perhaps regain her lead in overall delegates.

The Quinnipiac poll also checked general-election sentiment in those two states, as well as Florida. It determined that clear Republican frontrunner John McCain holds a lead over both Clinton and Obama in Florida and Ohio, and is slightly behind Clinton in Pennsylvania.

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Live Blog Of Bill Clinton Event In Madison, Wisconsin (February 14, 2008)

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Today, Bill Clinton is campaigning for Hillary Clinton in Madison, Wisconsin.  He's scheduled to speak at 2:15 CST.  I'll be live blogging.

1:15: Alright, I'm here and I have my press credentials.  He's speaking at the UW Stock Pavilion.  It's probably worth noting that there are animal feces on the floor (not a lot, but enough to make the place smell a bit and certainly enough to mess up one's shoes, like mine for instance).  This is an especially sour point for me because I was forced to throw out my soda before taking my seat in the press area.  Apparently, poop is okay, but Coke Zero is just going to create too much of a mess.

1:30: Apparently, President Truman spoke here during his campaign for reelection.  I wonder if it was smelly/messy back then.

1:50: They're still seating people.  An inordinate amount of effort appears to be going into the locations of where people stand/stand.

2:12: And the seating continues. As of now, it's just about halfway filled with some people on the floor in front of the stage. So, I'd say there are about 1100-1300 people right now.

2:16:"A Change Will Do You Good" is blaring from the speakers. Something tells me, this is not the song they want to be playing at events for Hillary Clinton.

2:18: And now, they are playing Obama's entrance music - U2's "City Of Blinding Lights." This was certainly not an accident. And this is the kind of silly lame stuff that people criticize the Clintons for.

2:21: Some woman takes the podium. I have no idea who she is (and neither does anyone else in the press area). She talks about tomorrow being Susan B. Anthony's birthday and then goes on to explain why she is supporting Hllary Clinton.

2:23: The speaker notes that "Hillary represents the kind of change we need to get our country back on track." Hmm...okay...

2:26: She criticizes Republicans for cutting assistance to energy, then goes on to say "you don't need to be from Wisconsin to know that people need heat," which is just a very ironic statement given that this building isn't heated and it's freezing.

2:30: Congresswoman Hilda Solis takes the podium. She's from California. She begins, "Bienvenidos! That means welcome in Spanish." Then she starts a chant "What do we want!?" The crowd, obviously confused, did not respond. So she helps them by saying, "Hillary Clinton!" She goes on, "When do we want it?!" Again, only a few responses. She tries another cycle of the chant, but quickly moves into her speech. And explains that she's campaigning in Wisconsin because she believes in Hillary Clinton.

2:37: Solis makes a reference to the low turnout in Milwaukee. She says that there was a right wing radio host, who she didn't name, that was apparently telling people that the event was canceled or postponed. I should note that this event, which is in Madison, has about 2,000 people; I'll get a more precise figure in a bit.

2:43: Some silly girl in the audience keeps inexplicably screaming "Hillary!"

2:44: Bill Clinton takes the podium. The crowd is roars. He begins by talking about Solis' district and how it's comprised of Latinos and African Americans. Someone in the crowd shouts "YEA!," there's an awkward pause, Bill says "huh?" and then moves on with his speech.

2:48: Bill Clinton talks about the founders and their desire to create a more perfect union. And how Hillary believes in their vision, even though, at the time neither she nor Obama would have been allowed to participate in the founding because only white men were allowed to.

2:50: He talks about the recession that most people are beginning to feel. Asks the crowd to compare these past 7 years, with the 90s. Then goes on enumerate some economic problems: growth rates, job rates, types of jobs. Already, this speech has more substance than Obama's speech the preceding night. (I'm not saying one is necessarily better than the other, I'm just saying is all).

2:53: Asks the crowd to raise their hand if they know someone without health insurance. Tells everyone to look around. And then says that this question couldn't even be asked in any other wealthy country around the the world.

2:55: Launches into a discussion about the context in which this election is taking place. It's taking place in the context of: the Iraq war, an international community that's angry with us, climate changes and an economic downturn in the United States. After discussing each of those issues a bit, some more than others, he goes on to remind voters that their decision must be made in the context of these issues. Then offers a calculus for making that decision (not before complimenting the other Democratic primary contenders first, including those that have dropped out).

2:59: Begins his response against Obama's movement of change for change's sake. Argues that it seems a bit unfair to eliminate someone solely because they were part of the struggle during the 90s.

3:00: Asks "how would you define success?" Then offers Hillary's considerations for this question: 1) Will the American people be better off after I leave than when I started?; 2) Will the children and grandchildren of people be better off?; 3) Will the rest of the world respect us more?

3:02: Begins the biographical discussion of Hillary. Notes her decision to stay at law school an extra year in order to fight for children's rights. He forgot what he wanted to say for a second and says to himself, "I've forgotten what I wanted to say." Then provides some context for the children's issue that Hillary was fighting for at the time. This speech is substantive.

3:06: References Hillary's work in the Irish peace process. Notes how when the Irish leaders recently came to Washington to thank Bush for his support, they also requested Hillary be present.

3:09: Continuing with the 'Hillary is a doer' discussion, Pres. Clinton talks about a conversation he recently had with a "crusty Republican," who indicated that he'll have to vote for Hillary because she's the only person that's ever "done something."

3:10: References her work against PCBs, for increased health benefits for national guardsman and a few other things. Challenges: 'you can say that these things don't mean anything, but they do'

3:11: Now, onto climate change and Hillary's plans to combat climate change, while also creating green collar jobs.

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Crowd of 300 listens to Bill Clinton in Milwaukee

The key line in this story from MSNBC (do ya' really want the link) is that Bill Clinton was last seen addressing a "crowd of 300" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin largest city. It seems that Bill disappeared from sight for a while, but is now back on the trail, just in case anyone was wondering what happened to him.

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