Why Obama is Acceptable to Whites

There is something about Barack Obama I distrust.  As an Afro-American (part of the culture of descendants of African slaves) his ignorance of or refusal to acknowledge what he is not disturbs me--mainly because that ignorance and/or refusal denigrates me and my cultural background, while simultaneously lifting his presidential prospects among the majority--by playing on their historical denigration of me and my background.

Barack Obama is a black man.  Barack Obama is an African-American.  But Barack Obama is NOT an Afro-American.  Black and Afro-American are two different things, and with respect to Barack Obama's political prospects, the difference is critical.

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Blogger Color-Blindness Doesn't Exist. Here's Why:

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"Passing for white" is an enormous burden that no person should EVER have to bear.

The fantasy that Black people can easily "pass" for white on the Internet enables skin-color aroused prejudice because it redistributes to Blacks all of the work of preventing prejudice.

First, let me demonstrate that color-blindness doesn't exist on the Internet: Color-blindness, when it is literal, is an inability to perceive color. Yet, if I say on the Internet that I live in Harlem or that I go to the African Methodist Episcopal Church, then people IMMEDIATELY perceive my color. So, they are not color- blind. It is only if I HIDE my color that I can fool them. But that is something that I (I) would have to take the trouble to do, and not something that I can passively benefit from with no effort on my part. Skin-color blindness, if it ever existed, would be a perceptual condition of the beholder while "color extinction" is an affirmative act that must be taken by the person who wishes to go unperceived.

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Blackosphere & Whitosphere: Silence is Never Golden

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Matt Stoller of MyDD opened a compelling dialogue a few days ago by asking whether it was necessary for Blacks and whites (and I would add women and other sociological minorities) to frequent the same blogs in order for the Democratic Party to maximize Party chances for electoral success.  

Matt said,

Now first I'm going to address this community about our culture.  Most MyDD readers are comfortable within what I call 'Jewish political culture', which is a very individualistic, progressive style of argumentative discourse . . .  There are lots of other cultures out there, and lots of other ways of thinking about the world.  These represent themselves online, but they don't necessarily represent themselves here.  Does it matter that they don't?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  http://www.mydd.com/story/2007/2/12/1237 12/293#commenttop

Because the phrase "divide and conquer" is such a fundamental part of our political parlance,  it ought not be necessary to argue, as I do, that a political party whose communication is divided by a color line will necessarily be less successful than a party that communicates across lines of color. So, the short to Matt's question is, "Yes, blog apartheid within the Democratic Party does reduce Democrats' chances for electoral success.

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Is the term "Whitosphere" a Fair Descriptor for the White Blogosphere?

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"Whitosphere" describes that part of the blogosphere that is almost exclusively populated by whites.

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The term "white neighborhood" is very commonly used in America to describe a neighborhood that is predominantly or overhwhelmingly white.  The prevalence of this term in our language is a reflection of the degree to which Blacks and whites have historically lived, and continue to live, in segregated neighborhoods in America, due historically to legal, structural, customary and financial restrictions placed by whites on where Blacks and other minorities could go and where we could live.    http://academic.udayton.edu/RACE/04NEEDS /housing01.htmhttp://researchnews.osu.edu/archive/arcj ust.htm 

If the term "white neighborhood" describes where whites live, and the "blogosphere" is the part of the Web characterized by is resident population of blogs, then it seems natural that the term "whitosphere" will be used to describe that part of the blogosphere characterized by the fact that it is predominantly or almost exclusively populated by whites.

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Vocabulary of the New Online Apartheid

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The Whitosphere - Those blogs like DailyKos and MYDD.COM that are run by and for white people while having negligible Black, Latino and Asian participation, and with a significant underrepresentation of women as well. For example, DailyKos has only 2.5% Black participation and MYDD.COM has only 1.5% Black participation, making them the foremost blogs in the whitosphere.

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