Fournier strikes again!

Hack journalist Ron Fournier strikes with a "poll" that concludes that white democrats are racist.  Of course, no internals are available.  Read all about it at Politico. 8/13658.html

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Barack Obama, Bill Cosby, Blacks and Whites

You knew more was going to be coming from Barack Obama regarding black responsibility. The question is, was it a generational shift as media like CNN would like to make it out to be? or was it another Bill Cosby type of message to the poor? There are differing views on the matter.

I personally find it interesting that Barack Obama used the same venue as Bill Cosby did a few years ago when Cosby set off a national debate in a speech to the NAACP where he criticized poor blacks. Like Barack Obama, Cosby emphasized personal responsibility, or the lack of it.

Candidly I have few problems with much of what Barack Obama said at the NAACP convention, However, the problem is he appeared to be preaching through the NAACP to white voters with "code words" that white John McCain swing voters want to hear from a black man running for the presidency of the United States. As International social and political activist and blogger Francis L. Holland noted: "I know he's really speaking to white America as much as to Black America when he says we need to take more responsibility. What he's essentially saying, is "Stopy blaming whitey and do what you can do for yourselves," which is a useful message to Blacks and a very much welcomed and even rather conservative message among whites."

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White Voters Rejecting Obama in New Poll

A new Fox News Poll taken just 2 days ago indicates that at least 40% of white voters have serious reservations about Obama in lieu of the Wright controversy.

"This one incident or series of incidents has really transformed Obama in many voters' eyes from a post-racial, post-partisan candidate to a traditional liberal Democratic African-American candidate -- that kind of candidate can't win a general election," said Larry Sabato, director of the University of Virginia Center for Politics. "She's carried Ohio, she's going to carry in all probability Pennsylvania."

Yet Obama's demographic problems could run deeper than that.

In the March 4 Ohio and Texas primaries, exit polls showed Obama was already losing ground with white voters. Clinton took 64 percent in Ohio and 56 percent in Texas. Earlier in the calendar, he was winning over a majority of those voters, in states like New Mexico, Utah, Virginia and Wisconsin.

Now a Quinnipiac University poll shows Clinton increasing her lead among white voters in Pennsylvania, 61 percent of whom say they support her. obamas-support-slipping-among-white-vote rs/

A majority of Clinton supporters said they will not vote for Obama in the general election should he get the nomination. This is bad news for the Democrats and great news for McCain. 2008/03/keystone-democr.html


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08 Campaign: Black Man V White Woman, Can Obama Really Fight Back?

With black support shifting toward Obama and black voters in Georgia joining voting rolls at three times the pace of whites is Obama now facing white resistance In South?

The Huffington Post reports, Donna Brazile, who ran the 2000 Gore campaign, said "my sense is that it [white southern support for Obama] is independents, college students, high income, highly educated and urban whites who often back strong Black reform candidates. More HERE

Now we learn Hillary Clinton has narrowly won the Democratic Nevada Caucus. 08/01/are-southern-whites-resisting-obam a-is.html

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That Ann Coulter, Such a Nice Girl

NICE IMAGE FROM A NICE GIRL. Just in case anybody wasn't sure that right-wing opposition to the immigration bill is racist, here's Ann Coulter to set them straight:

And as long as we're adopting an open borders policy for immigration, how about opening the borders for emigration? . . . You can leave the country, you can renounce your citizenship -- but you still owe taxes for 10 years. The government does not allow us to stop supporting welfare recipients in America, millions more of whom it plans to import under Bush's bill. That's not a free market -- it's a roach motel.

Immigrants as roaches. Our country as a roach motel. Such a nice image. It's also very striking because the racial power of the roach motel imagery starts deep within Coulter's white-supremacist gut with its connotations of welfare in relation to African-Americans. The roach motel image also catches up the whole range of non-whites in her list of the most prominent sources for immigrants in 2005: "Mexico (161,445), India (84,681), China (69,967), the Philippines (60,748), Cuba (36,261), Vietnam (32,784), the Dominican Republic (27,504), Korea (26,562), Colombia (25,571) and Ukraine (22,761)." In Coulter's eyes, they're all either non-white or non-Protestant (the poor Ukrainians)-- all like the African-American population in not sharing a British cultural base, all as much non-white "roaches" as she imagines African-Americans to be.

Given Coulter's flair for the outrageous, I'm surprised that she doesn't find a way to apply the "n-word" to all these groups.

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