The Repower Wall

Part of Repower America’s efforts to fight climate change is gathering videos and statements from thousands of Americans explaining why they support clean energy legislation. These videos are part of a really cool web project called the Repower Wall. The wall, launched earlier this week, is a video montage showing all the different clips and statements. Videos range from the famous – Stephen Hawking, Majora Carter, Richard Cizik, Madeline Albright, Repower founder Al Gore – to average pastors, businesspersons, and students, as well as organizations and companies. You can view it all at once, or search for videos from specific professions or regions. It’s an absolutely amazing website and helps illustrate the point that most ordinary Americans care about global warming. Here’s a screen shot and a sample video, with several more videos below the fold (including one from Bill Nye the Science Guy!). Some are short and some are long. You can also submit your own at the Wall.

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More Rumors from Steve Clemons: No VP 4 Bayh, Daschle, Clark, Reed

Steve Clemons has sources. Deep behind friendly lines in occupied Chicago. They say: No VP for Evan Bayh, Tom Daschle, Jack Reed, or Wesley Clark.

A sampling:

But sources close to Obama report to me that after the "surge of concern" on the net about Evan Bayh, he has not been selected as Obama's VP running mate.

I have been informed that the decision has been made, and I don't know who that person is.

I also have been told that Tom Daschle is not the running mate. I also happen to know that it is not Wesley Clark.

I just received word that it is not Senator Jack Reed either, though Obama thought very highly of him.

In my estimation, that leaves Joseph Biden, Chuck Hagel, and Sibelius. I don't think that Tim Kaine would be the nominee given the elevation of Mark Warner as the keynote speaker at the Dem convention.

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(UPDATED) Weak on national security: Fight the perception

I have written once before about how the American left is wrong in going out of its way to chastise Georgia while giving a free pass to Russia. The lead champion of this meme is still TPM and Josh Marshall. It is commentary like that which flies in the face of public opinion and people who have worked in the foreign services that brands the left as weak on national security and surrender monkeys.

(UPDATE) As I have written below, I had hoped Gen. Clark would get the VP nomination or at least be involved in foreign policy but as of right now he seems to have been DISINVITED from the Democratic convention by the Obama campaign!!

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General Clark Comes To Netroots Nation

There are few bigger champions of the YearlyKos/Netroots Nation conference than General Clark. Even back in 2006, the General happily participated on panels and interacted with attendees like a regular member of the community. He's had our back for a while, and we've had his.

This year will be his third YK/Netroots Nation in a row.

General Clark will be speaking as part of Thursday evening's program.

From the Netroots Nation release:

"The progressive Netroots community is a critical force for positive change, working tirelessly to put America back on track after seven-plus years of failed right-wing policies," said Clark. "Without the progressive blogosphere, I wouldn't have run for President in 2004, and I couldn't continue to speak out and fight for the issues we believe in.

"Netroots Nation will give our community a great opportunity to re-connect in person, exchange ideas, and mobilize for the important political battles we face in the weeks and months ahead. It will also give me, personally, a chance to thank you for all of your help and support, especially recently. I look forward to seeing everyone in Austin and being a part of this historic gathering."

Still haven't registered for Netroots Nation? Go here.

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McCain Flips Out When Asked About Relevance Of Military Record

Well, this never would have happened had General Clark not persisted in his remarks about whether John McCain's military experience qualifies him to be president. Today, on his "Straight Talk Express" plane, a reporter actually asked McCain how his experience qualifies him to be president and McCain turned visibly angry in response (man, I wish there was video, but I suspect we'd have seen it by now...)

From ABC News's Political Radar:

McCain bristled at the comments on "Face the Nation" last weekend by an Obama supporter, retired general Wesley Clark, who belittled the relevance of McCain's wartime experience as a qualification for the Presidency.

"I think it's up to Sen. Obama now not only to repudiate him but to cut him loose," McCain said.

McCain became visibly angry when I asked him to explain how his Vietnam experience prepared him for the Presidency.

"Please," he said, recoiling back in his seat in distaste at the very question.

"Puhh-leeeease." Sorry, Senator, not off limits any longer.

Oh, and here comes the obligatory rescue from his wingmen...

McCain allies Sen. Lindsey Graham stepped in to rescue him. Graham expressed admiration for McCain's stance on the treatment of detainees in US custody.

"That to me is a classic example of how his military experience helped him shape public policy in a way no other senator could have done,'' Graham said.

Sen. Joseph Lieberman, also traveling on the trip, expressed admiration for McCain's wartime service as well.

Hmm, odd that Graham would choose to cite that as an example considering McCain actually voted against banning waterboarding. But what's a little inconsistency among friends?

And then finally there is the requisite McCain "composing himself" moment:

McCain then collected himself and apologized for his initial reaction.

"I kind of reacted the way I did because I have a reluctance to talk about my experiences," he said, noting that he has huge admiration for the "heroes" who served with him in the POW camp and said the experience taught him to love the U.S. because he missed it so much.

"I am always reluctant to talk about these things," McCain said.

Reluctant? Is he kidding? He's been shamelessly exploiting his POW status in television ads since last fall, not to mention his entire political career.

Paul Waldman of Media Matters debunks the myth that McCain is somehow too modest to discuss that part of his life over at HuffPo. On the contrary:

There's a myth out there that the McCain campaign and the media have cooperated to create. It says that John McCain is reluctant to exploit his Vietnam POW story for political advantage, so modest and full of integrity is he. We've seen this repeated again and again, not just by McCain and his supporters but by reporters who ought to know better.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

From the first time he ran for Congress in 1982 up to the present day, McCain has made his POW story the centerpiece of his entire political career. The key moment of that 1982 campaign was when he responded to his opponent's (absolutely true) accusation that McCain was a carpetbagger by saying, "As a matter of fact, when I think about it now, the place I lived longest in my life was Hanoi." At every point since, it has been the deft use of this tool that has brought McCain renewed attention or won him a key victory.

It was an unlikely transition but it's appearing as though, because of General Clark's persistence, the media, wanting to take the story to the next level, could possibly turn from agitator to ally on this issue. If more diligent reporters do continue to ask McCain for an actual answer to the question, McCain had better come up with a response other than anger.

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