Barack Obama and Wes Clark in Colorado - Great Pics! - UPDATED

I am sorry this is such a short diary, but I just had to pass along some FABULOUS pictures of Barack Obama, Michelle Obama and Wes Clark.

The only problem I have is that I can not figure out how to embed this slide show into the diary. Please see the UPDATE below.

So here is a link that takes you to so GREAT Pictures! 1

11/01/08 - Campaigning with Barack Obama in Colorado

Featured in the photos with General Clark are Gov. Bill Ritter, Jr. (Colorado), his wife Jeannie Ritter, Sen. Ken Salazar and (of course) Senator Barack Obama. 1

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Wesley Clark to Replace John Edwards in Debate with Rove

I think I sense an ass kicking here. What do you think?

BUFFALO, N.Y. -- General Wesley K. Clark, U.S. Army (Ret.), will join Karl Rove for this month's UB Distinguished Speakers Series (DSS) election debate. The program is scheduled for 8 p.m. Sept. 26 in Alumni Arena on UB's North (Amherst) Campus.

At UB, he will be sharing the stage with Rove, former White House Deputy chief of staff and senior advisor to President George W. Bush. Clark will join the Distinguished Speaker Series program in the place of former Senator John Edwards, who yesterday cancelled all public appearances through the November election.

Tickets already distributed for "Rove-Edwards" will be honored and there is no need for ticket holders to exchange them. Additional tickets for the Rove-Clark lecture are now available at the UB Alumni Arena Ticket office, all Tops outlets or online at

For more information mand to read the rest, please go here:

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Heading to Denver - Wes Clark

The following is from Wes Clark.

Submitted by Wes Clark on August 27, 2008 - 3:50pm 2

I'm in Munich right now, but I can't tell you how ready I am to head to Denver and join my fellow Democrats.

The Democratic Party is ready to lead and address the many challenges ahead, and Barack Obama is the leader we need for our country and to help humanity meet today's global challenges.

We're a party loaded with talent. Like many of you, I've been thrilled by the speeches at the Democratic National Convention so far. Hillary Clinton was great last night. Her strength, her character, her call for unity. Her speech just proves once again that she is a great American and has many years of distinguished public service ahead of her.

And what an inspiration Ted Kennedy was, as was Nancy Pelosi, our Speaker of the House. Brian Schweitzer, the history-making Governor of Montana and Mark Warner, a business executive, distinguished former Governor and soon-to-be a remarkable U.S. Senator.

Tonight, I'm looking forward to catching the speeches of our honored former President Bill Clinton and our vice-presidential nominee Joe Biden. We are so fortunate that these two outstanding men are Democrats.

And then there's tomorrow. Our Party is so fortunate at this time in history to be nominating Barack Obama. After Michelle's incredibly warm and personal speech on Monday, any American can see the strength of character in their family. It's clear that when the Obamas become first family, they'll definitely bring change to America.

I can't wait to hear Senator Obama's words in person. He's warned us not to expect that he can duplicate the electricity from his memorable speech in 2004, but I think he's just being wise to play down expectations. He has proven to be a remarkable human being with incredible judgment, an outstanding sense of direction, and unmatched communication skills. I fully expect to be inspired, as I was in 2004.

I'm proud to be a Democrat, and I'm proud to ask you to pull together with me. It's time to help elect our candidates to every office. From mayors to governors, from state legislators to Congress. And especially to come together behind Barack Obama.

Barack is going to be the leader of a great team of Democrats in this election campaign. And he's going to become a great American President.

I believe he has the skills and resolve to strengthen America's security, rebuild America's economy, and restore Americans' faith in the future.

Our challenge is clear. We must win in November.


Wes Clark

I am so glad he posted this! There are some on his site who just could not let go, there are also some who have stated that they are voting for mccain and the repugs. I have battled some of them in the comments of my POSITIVE diaries about Hillary supporting Obama.

KUDOS to Wes Clark! Our Next Secretary Of State! (I Hope!)   :)

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General Clark to not attend Convention

Well, if you go to openleft right now, Stoller has linked to an article about Wes not even attending the covnvention.  His office has allegedly confirmed that Wes will not be attending the convention at this point.  What may be ruffling some feathers is that Obama's people allegedly told Clark that there was no reason for him to come and that effectively he was not needed to speak on the day dedicated to "Securing America's Future." As of right now, Wes has no role at the convention.

I hope this is a headfake (doubtful because his office allegedly confirmed this point) because even if he's not an actual VP candidate, it strikes me as absurd that a four-star general has not been given any role or has not even been asked to speak at the convention.  What it confirms for me is that the incident on Face the Nation really damaged Wes's chances at the veep and that it was not a coordinated effort.

I'm sure some folks will see this non-invitation as another slight to a guy closely tied with the Clintons but I'm willing to give Obama's people the benefit of the doubt.  Rangel shouldn't be speaking given that he's under some scrutiny pertaining to his properties; that may also be why Chris Dodd has not been given a speaking engagement.  Wes was planning to be out of the country anyway so the Obama folks may have thought "hey, you are not going to be the veep, so don't worry about coming." I hope Obama's folks reconsider as Wes brought the house down in 2004.

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I am sure Barack's VP choice will be Gen Wes Clark

Who better to introduce Gen. Clark than Bill Clinton? Gen. Clark may not sound like a very exciting choice but I think he will be a great asset to the ticket. Here are some great arguments in his favor.

1) He brings solid military experience combined with lot of Foreign policy experience.

2) He is a decorated war hero during Vietnam war.

3) He has no voting record and very little paper trail. He is not a politician and that is a change.

4) He was a Clinton supporter during the primary and could bridge the gap.

5) He is a pit-bull and can be a real attack dog.

6) He has appeared on TV many times and comes across very well on TV. He can make some of the toughest comments with a very smiling face.

7) Best of all he is not the other woman. LOL.

You do not hear this often from me but Kudos to Axelrod, Gibbs and Sen. Obama for the way they handled the media the past few days in answering questions about the Clintons.

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