Hillary Chills Voters

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I just want to say that I got most of the information from the Washington Times who is a repug newspaper.  So, take this information with a grain of salt.  I have to say that at the end of the article they infer that Hillary's chill factor will be helped by the enodorsement of General Clark. I think the endorsement helps her with democrats.

I have said before that Hillary still has the highest negatives of all democrats and repugs.  She has the highest fovorables of all democrats.  

"Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, who has the highest negative ratings of any presidential candidate in the 2008 race, can add another voter designation to her image: the coldest."

"The Gallup Poll recently asked voters to rank the candidates on a "feeling thermometer," in which zero was the coldest and 100 was the warmest. The New York senator and Democratic front-runner was the "most polarized" of all the candidates in either party, according to the poll."

"Nearly as many Americans say she leaves them cold as say they feel warmly about her," Gallup said."

"The poll showed 49 percent considered Mrs. Clinton a warm personality, but 44 percent thought she was "totally cold" and the remainder rated her as "neutral."

"The core of Mrs. Clinton's strength is within her own party. She has led all of her rivals for the Democratic nomination since she officially announced her candidacy Jan. 20. She leads the Democratic pack in all the national presidential preference polls as well as in the major early primaries and caucuses, according to Chicago-based RealClearPolitics.com, an independent political Web site."

My Analysis:

Hillary Clinton is the favorite of all democrats, but based on emotions and all voters sentiment Hillary Clinton could have a hard time against a repug candidate that connects in an emotional way with all voters.  

I think Hillary Clinton has a lot of good will in the democratic party because of her husband Bill Clinton, but there are still a lot of voters who do not view Hillary Clnton with the same rosy glasses as democrats based on the high negatives Hillary still polls.  Will this cause problems for Hillary in the general election?


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NJ-Sen: Cranking Up The Rightist Smear Machine

Easily the greatest New Jersey-by-way-of-Texas blogger on the scene, Thurman Hart has an interesting post up at The American Prospect's Midterm Madness blog about The Washington Times wading into the Senate race between Sen. Bob Menendez and Tom Kean Jr here in New Jersey. As Thurman notes, the Times claims that Kean Jr "has been helped by an unlikely Republican ally" in the New Jersey media, "which has been running stinging editorials and news stories" against Sen. Menendez. That would be interesting, if it were true.

Yet a review of the top-circulating Jersey paper, the Star-Ledger, reveals no negative news articles about Mr. Menendez at all. Furthermore, the junior senator has not even been the topic of an editorial in the last two weeks. The same goes for the New York Times. In fact, quite the contrary; both newspapers have run a number of articles that are unfavorable to Kean, and those articles and editorials critical of Menendez cited by the Washington Times actually date back to before he was appointed senator.

The Times further reports that Kean, Jr. has enjoyed a "slight edge" in "most early polls." Yet the truth is that the polls have been fairly evenly split -- with the lead switching back and forth.

To take his critique of the Moonie Times story one step further, it's notable that the two polls they cite don't really support their pro-Kean Jr claims either. The first set of numbers they offer up is from a Quinnipiac University poll that gave Sen. Menendez a lead of 40% to 36%, with a 2.9% margin of error. Remind me again, Times, how this equates to "a virtual tie," as you claim? The other poll is from Strategic Vision, which has Kean Jr leading by 32% to 30%, and a 3% MOE.  This, of course, could pretty accurately be called "a virtual tie," but it seems more or less to be an outlier. The most recent polls -- Rasmussen, which gives Kean Jr the lead, and Zogby Interactive, which Menendez leads -- are also quite tight, but ought to be taken with a grain of salt as the former is an automated telephone poll and the latter is an internet poll of people who've expressly said they'd like to be polled. Most other polls, it should be noted, have been much kinder to Menendez.

My point here, as I believe was Thurman's, is not to spin the polls one way or the other. Rather, it's to point out that this is a classic Moonie Times smear disguised as news. Not really shocking, but still worth calling attention to. The rightist smear machine is already in full gear, working to shape conventional wisdom in every state of the union, no matter the reality on the ground. The anti-Menendez "stinging editorials and news stories" are simply a figment of the rightist imaginations of Tom Kean Jr and his smear artist allies at the Times.

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Rove and Cheney square off in locked cage match.

The Bush administration is now officially in a state of collapse, and they are now looking for someone to blame. I suggest that given Cheney's record-low standing in the polls that Bush and Rove may be planning to throw Cheney to the wolves after the midterm elections. I suggest this possibility because there has been a rash of anti-Cheney stories that are currently posted on Insight, the magazine of the Washington Times.

The most recent of the articles is an article suggesting that Cheney will retire after the mid-term elections. This, after a couple of articles suggested that Cheney, based on "anonymous sources" was taken out of the loop on Bush's foreign policy decisions. We know that Karl Rove is a master of whisper campaigns. I suggest that he is planning to save his own skin. We know that Bush and Rove had a rift after Plamegate broke out. I suggest that they have patched up their differences the best they could and are now working together to tag team Cheney.

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