WSJ(!?) Exposes McCain's Naked Exploitation of Nat'l Crisis

Wow. Not even Rupert's mouthpiece, the Wall Street Journal, is buying McCain's pathetic attempt to seize credit for the bailout agreement. Or his desperate attempt to link its failure to Obama.

Shockingly, the WSJ (WSJ!?) calls bullshit right from the starting gate:

The Wall Street bailout bill garnered 140 Democratic votes and just 65 Republican votes en route to defeat, but that didn't stop GOP presidential nominee John McCain from blaming rival Barack Obama and his fellow Democrats for its failure.

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The Wall Street Journal and Rupert Murdock SCRUB Palin story. - Update2

Just so you all remember, rupert murdock now owns the Wall Street Journal AND the New York Stock exchange! This is the same man who owns fox news and more then 20% of the media world wide.

It seems that the WSJ and rupert murdock have scrubbed a story about Sarah Palin to try and make Brack Obama look bad.

The story is called "Record Contradicts Palin's 'Bridge' Claims" and it was published on 9/9/08.

The original article ended with the following paragraphs. I tried to find the original version using Google and their cache, but it was that came through!

Here is the cache link of the original story. record+contradicts+palin+s+bridge+claims %22&d=73921898677397&mkt=en-US&a mp;setlang=en-US&w=309b9272,e82145fc

... As such, Gov. Palin's image as a "reformer" is part of the storyline the McCain campaign needs to complement the top of its ticket. Her quip about passing on the bridge and "building it ourselves" has been a staple of her stump.

But she's drawn considerable fire as result. Sen. Obama's campaign released an advertisement pointing out her original support of the bridge. And on Monday, an Obama staffer emailed a photo of Gov. Palin holding up a T-shirt that was made shortly after the bridge caught national attention. It reads "NOWHERE ALASKA" and "99901," the zip code of Ketchikan.

The McCain campaign jumped back with spokesman Brian Rogers calling the attacks "hysterical."

"The only people 'lying' about spending are the Obama campaign. The only explanation for their hysterical attacks is that they're afraid that when John McCain and Sarah Palin are in the White House, Barack Obama's nearly $1 billion in earmark spending will stop dead in its tracks," Mr. Rogers said.

At a rally today, Sen. McCain again asserted that Sen. Obama has requested nearly a billion in earmarks. In fact, the Illinois senator requested $311 million last year, according to the Associated Press, and none this year. In comparison, Gov. Palin has requested $750 million in her two years as governor -- which the AP says is the largest per-capita request in the nation.

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Progressive culture quick hits

There have been a lot of interesting stories running across the wires in the world of progressive culture this week.  Unfortunately I don't have time to really analyze each of them in-depth, but I thought I'd point them out here:

  • Michael Wolff profiles Rupert Murdoch, owner of Fox News Channel and the Wall Street Journal, in Vanity Fair. As such, he is a constant thorn in the side of progressives, and this is a valuable look behind the scenes.

  • David Moberg has a great piece on Working America in The Nation.  Working America is the AFL-CIO's "community affiliate".  Essentially it's a large (2.5-million-member) list of non-union members who sympathize with the union's position on a number of bread-and-butter issues, and it gives the union the ability to extend its electoral might outside the boundaries of its membership.  What's more, Working America has also started enlisting its members in support of labor organzing drives, picket lines, and the like.

  • Over at Build the Echo, Tracy van Slyke talks about digg moving to the left, and progressive new media activism inspired by The Young Turks. Progressive media creators, especially vloggers and podcasters: read this post!  Disclosure: van Slyke's organization, The Media Consortium, is a client of my company.

  • Again at Build the Echo, Jessica Clark highlights this great video (another good example of progressive new media activism) about Obama's Challenge:

        That Amazon discount code, again, is: RGVTUIQY.  You can also buy the book at Powells.

  • Global Labor Strategies has a challenging, thought-provoking post about the big-picture problems facing the labor movement, both in the US and abroad.  They argue that service sector organizing and EFCA won't cut it, given the ways corporations are reorganizing globally.  It's a fascinating piece, and well worth consideration.

  • The UFT announces the opening of a labor-friendly charter school in New York City, by Green Dot Public Schools.  Given the way charter schools often pit public education advocates against teachers unions, and especially in light of all the hey made about the tiff between the DC city council and DC teachers' unions, I think this is an important development.  It's not a revolutionary one - Green Dot operates a number of schools in LA already - but something we should be keeping an eye on nonetheless.  It is one more bit of evidence that these two progressive cultural institutions don't need to be at odds.

... and I'm sure there's plenty more out there.  If there's anything I missed, feel free to drop it in the comments!  I've got a YouTube video to post on Facebook...

Update: Earlier I made the mistake of saying the Vanity Fair profile was of Roger Ailes, when in fact it is of Rupert Murdoch. Sorry about the slip up! Interestingly, one of the choice bits from that profile is that Murdoch said he initially liked Ailes because Ailes was more Murdoch than Murdoch himself, or something like that.

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More Good Numbers For Obama

I'm not going bore everyone with my take on these numbers from the WSJ. They're self-explanatory.....

Key findings:

*Overall Favorability:

Clinton: 37% positive, 48% negative

Obama: 49% positive, 32% negative

*Favorability Rating Among Opponent's Supporters:

Clinton: 35% positive, 43% negative

Obama: 50% positive, 29% negative

*Can Unite the Country:

Clinton: 46%

Obama: 60%

*Shares Your Values:

Clinton: 43% yes, 57% no

Obama: 50% yes, 39% no

See the poll results (PDF)

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John Edwards calls on Dems to oppose WSJ/NewsCorp merger

It started with him refusing to attend the Fox News debates.  Next was the dust up with Ann Colter.  Now, Edwards is taking on News Corp's merger with the Dow Jones/WSJ. leases/20070802-media-consolidation

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