Obama peacenikking (_and_ no Olympics)

Despite his two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, you gotta say Obama looks good peacenik-wise in reference to Iran and Russia.

First, he pulls back on the offensive missile 'shield' whose intent was to threaten Russia. The intent, according to the Beltway pundits, was to get Russia to back crippling sanctions against Iran. But was it? I don't know. Maybe Obama is a peacenik on this issue. Anyway, the you scratch my back I scratch yours doesn't seem to be working, cuz,

Second, Obama and Iran seem to be working things out on their own. Peacenikky! Iran has apparently agreed to export some of its nuclear fuel enrichment to Russia, and, so, no crippling sanctions? Another wait and see, but things look good today on the peace front.

And who knows, mebbe Obama told story about Daley to the Olympic selection committee. Spectacular fail by the Mayor's city, but a definite win for Chicago. We're busted, and we gotta focus on getting rid of some crime and poverty, and fixing the many horrific schools (a screw you to one of Daley's flunkies, former Chicago schools chief and clueless do-nothing Daley stooge Arnie Duncan, Obama's Education Secretary).

And, is it "I told you so" time yet? Gotta say, this -- Sorry Israel, no Iran war or crippling sanctions 4U -- looks like some damn good predicting right now. Shout out to my man, M K Bhadrakumar, he pointed me in the right direction.   . . .

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