WI-Senate: Final field set Hotlist

Yesterday was the final day to file Nomination Papers in Wisconsin.

I qualified for  the Senate ballot with 2,178 valid signatures, and another 63 with correctable errors, against a requirement of 2,000.

Also making the ballot, Republican Attorney Robert Gerald Lorge, and the Green Party's Rae Vogeler.

Libertarian Dave Redick, who'd started his run as an anti-war Republican, but jumped after being dissed at their State Convention, apparently fell short in circulating papers, as he did not file.

Republican State Senator Glen Grothman provided the suspense, arriving at the State Elections Board just after filing closed. (cont)

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WI-Senate Update: GOP shakeout, Thompson out .

Big shakeout this week on the GOP side.

First, Dave Reddick quit the Republicans, and is now running as a Libertarian.

Another GOP candidate, mint farmer Marcus Gumz, my codefendant in a marathon Freedom of Assembly battle after I rented his farm for the Weedstock Festival in 2000, passed away Sunday. I'll be making the visitation Friday.

Tommy Thompson has finally announced he's definitely not running.

This leaves Atty. Robert Gerald Lorge unopposed for now. GOP insiders are begging the off-cycle State Senators to go thru the motions, not finding a taker. Even if they do, the populist Lorge could pull it out, as he did for the Secretary of State nomination over the handpicked candidate 4 years ago.

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