Local unions mail their members in Wisconsin

In Wisconsin, a state decided by less than 1 percent in the past two presidential elections, local union mail is heading to members in advance of the Oct. 5 start of early and absentee voting, reports Sue Ledbetter, the Labor 2008 state director. IAM Local 873, made up of workers at John Deere in Horicon, Wis., and UAW Local 469, whose members work at Master Lock, are just two of the many locals whose presidents are sending letters to their membership in support of Obama.

UAW Local 469 President Tony Rainey already has sent out one letter with more on the way. All UAW locals in Wisconsin will mail four letters to their members about why Obama is the right choice to turn around America.

Alex Hoekstra, president of IAM Local Lodge 873, also has mailed a letter to 1,600 members, active and retired, about Obama's pro-working families stance. The plan is to send out two or three more letters in the weeks to come.

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Help Hillary Clinton GOTV!

The following comes from the Hillary Clinton website.

Help get out the vote - make calls for Hillary to Wisconsin.
http://www.hillaryclinton.com/hq/wiscons in/

Make those calls!
http://www.hillaryclinton.com/action/mil lioncalls/

Can you do a little more? Can you help out IN WI or HI in person or by making calls from home? If so, please do so as soon as possible!

Go Hillary Go!

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WI GOV Race: Justice Department Going After Green

Green is getting very unlucky in Wisconsin. The Justice Department came out swinging in court today.   They are claiming that not only does Green have to return the $467,844 that the Elections Board has called for, but he should also return the whole 1.3 million taken from his congressional campaign fund. Green does not have a lot of money as is and I am sure that this whole mess is costing him a ton.

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