Genocide linked to Patriot Act

This shameful tale of genocide , hypocrisy, injustice , and betrayal is the perfect example of what typically occurs when the United States tries to Police the World by sticking our nose where it doesn't belong usually in the form of an unjust war such as todays Fools Crusade otherwise known as the War in Iraq. Our reckless actions only serve to destroy the minority ethnic and religious groups in these countries we invade. Just look at the plight of the Iraqi Christians who were free to practice their religion under Saddam but today because of our foolish endeavor half of Iraq's Christian has fled.

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Vietnam and Great Society: the murk of real politics

I was having a little exchange of views with Matt on the Mollohan business yesterday: he suggested that I was

demanding unrelenting cynicism

by querying the simplistic analysis of the subject supplied over at Kos (to which he'd linked). I replied saying

it's better (whichever 'side' one is on) to appreciate the complexities.

It occurred to me overnight that a useful reference would be LBJ's escalation of the Vietnam War and his Great Society program.

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