NY-29: 48 Hours to Save America: All Hands on Deck

Today (Sunday) I will be touring in the district with General Wesley Clark and tomorrow (Monday) President Bill Clinton and Senator Max Cleland will be here.

While it may be hard to fathom, we are now 48 hours away from our last best chance to save this Nation that we call the United States of America.  

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NY-29: What "Supporting the Troops" Really Means

If you really want to support the troops you have to do more than just put a magnetic sticker on your vehicle.  Among other things, it means that you stand up for both our troops in the field and for ongoing care for our Veterans at home.  And at a time when we have tens of thousands of new disabled veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan, that latter part is especially important.

This weekend has brought some disturbing news for veterans in the 29th District that directly relates to this issue. It appears that the Acute Psychiatric treatment ward at the Canandaigua VA Hospital, just down the road from Rochester, is slated for closure just after the election. (What interesting timing!) This hospital is already the only center of its kind in the area and, in recent years, has faced dramatic cuts in its other medical services. Now, with the impending loss of in-patient psychiatric treatment services, disabled veterans and their families will be forced to travel to as far away as Buffalo.

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NY-29: North Korea - Failure of Leadership

I will not be able to liveblog this morning but I wanted to share this with you.  On Sunday afternoon I had a diary entitled They were warned and did nothing, tying together various issues where the Bush administration was warned yet failed to take proper action.  Even though the diary had a quote from General Wesley Clark that mentioned the growing threats in Iran and North Korea as a direct result of President Bush's poor leadership, I did not expect such sudden confirmation from the Korean peninsula.

It is now clear that North Korea has detonated a nuclear device. What is also clear is that this development has dramatic and dire implications with respect to the security situation in the Pacific. During my 24-year career in the Navy, I had the opportunity to serve several tours in the Pacific Fleet, so I have had some opportunity to study these issues first hand. Although I am no longer privy to the classified intelligence briefings, from watching CNN and other news sources, a number of things become immediately apparent.

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NY-29:"They Were Warned and Did Nothing"

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They were warned about Foley and did nothing
Republicans in the Executive branch and Congress have a set pattern of Dumb Mistakes and/or Dastardly Deeds achieved and then covered up through Denial, Deception and Distraction.  The Foley Follies seem to have temporarily shaken the nation so much that Speaker Hastert's efforts to deny he was properly warned about Foley, deceive us with lies about what he knew and did, and distract us with belated investigations and finger-pointing at Dems (backed up by the White House and at least part of the Congressional Republican leadership) are meeting with increasing skepticism.  

Speaker Hastert obviously failed to do his job of protecting the pages because he put politics above principles.  Republican partisan Tony Blankley said so days ago (link) and new testimony confirms as much. (link) And other Republican leaders in Congress were also warned and yet did nothing meaningful.  As a father of two children, one of whom is just old enough to be a congressional page, I find this completely and utterly unacceptable.

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NO! to Swiftboating. NO! to Torture. YES! to Leadership.

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Kuhl Lies about Swiftboat Tricks

Ray Suarez of the PBS Newshour was in NY-29 last week doing interviews about the congressional race.  The piece he was preparing aired on Friday September 29. (link)   Audio is available at the link.  I told Suarez about a dirty swiftboat trick Kuhl was using against me, questioning why I didn't rise to a higher rank than Commander after 24 years of service.

Although Kuhl denied the swiftboating, Suarez decided to check for himself to find out if I was telling the truth about the dirty trick.  So he asked a Kuhl supporter who had been at the recent Cheney fundraiser about my years of service.  Here is the discussion from the piece Suarez did on Friday:

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