Franken: Sense and...

OK, I can't do it.

For about 13 seconds I thought "Franken: Sense & Mirth" was an amazingly clever title for a post about Saturday's Bernie Sanders benefit featuring Al Franken. But I quickly realized I must not be the first person to think of that. And a google search showed more than a few references, including Franken's one-time plans for using it as the name of his show.

Can't decide whether "Weekend at Bernie's" would have been worse.

Across the street from the Flynn were some trucks with Tarrant and Tarrant-inspired signs decrying "partisan hatred." All well and good if you ignored the ~U.S. Congress is controlled by Zionists~ signs right next to them.

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Rumor in VT: Leahy not thrilled about Sanders candidacy

This is VERY interesting.

According to an entry in today's Vermont Politics Online.

"Some folks assicaited with Vermont Senator Pat Leahy say the Senator is not to thrilled about Bernie Sanders' run for U.S. Senate."

Read on!

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Breaking News from VT: Bernie Sanders cashes in on Clinton contribution!

Is Bernie Sanders cashing out? Is he trying to shed his independent and/or socialist past? It's seems he's now leaving his core constituents behind.

Decide for yourself and read on.  

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VT-AL: Rainville Running Away From Supporters

Not too long ago, I posted an examination of Republican candidates running away from President Bush, even while accepting the administration's assistance, albeit quietly, in raising funds for their campaigns. But it's not just Bush whose shadow the candidates are trying to outrun. The Republican leadership in Congress is also quite unpopular with the nation's electorate.

A perfect example of this is Martha Rainville, the Republican candidate for Vermont's at-large House seat, currently held by independent Senate candidate Bernie Sanders. You may recall Rainville as the candidate I wrote about back in February who was cynically campaigning in her military uniform, dodging reporters' tough questions by hiding behind her position at the head of the Vermont National Guard. Earlier this month, the Vermont Guardian caught her saying one thing and then doing another.

At her campaign kick-off less than two months ago, Rainville steadfastly assured her supporters that she would be a different kind of Republican in Washington than the current crop of ne'er-do-wells.

"I am a Republican," she crowed. "But candor compels me to say that some of the Republicans in control of the House have lost their way. In doing so, they have lost the respect of many Americans. Together, we can begin to restore a respectable Congress."

Who was she talking about -- DeLay? Blunt? Speaker Dennis Hastert? Majority Leader John Boehner? Or, maybe she had someone else in mind who hasn't yet been indicted or engrossed in the Abramoff imbroglio. It couldn't be them, because otherwise why would she take nearly $20,000 in campaign donations from Blunt, Hastert, and Boehner.

Given that, maybe she would have taken money from DeLay if he hadn't announced that he was resigning his seat in Congress.

In Blunt, Rainville has cast her political die with someone labeled as one of the 13 most corrupt politicians in Washington, according to the Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington. He's got ties to DeLay and Abramoff and may have violated federal bribery laws.

It's awfully hard for Rainville to talk about campaigning "to restore a respectable Congress" when those who have done the most damage to peoples' respect for Congress are exactly the people bankrolling her campaign. It's even somewhat humorous to see this dynamic play out at all levels of the GOP leadership. Republicans all across the country will be running in the fall on the idea that, "hey, I'm a Republican, but not one of those crooked Republicans who's too weak to govern." But with said crooked Republicans stuffing bills into their back pockets, it's pretty clear that it's all just an act.

If conservative candidates really want to distinguish themselves from their corrupt Republican leadership, the answer is simple -- don't run as Republicans. Otherwise, their cowardly acceptance of so much dirty money exposes them for what they are -- lackeys for the GOP-directed status quo. Something tells me that's not going to fly in a state like Vermont.

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VT Democrats pass impeachment resolution at special statewide conference!

Folks, today the Vermont State Democratic Party endorsed an impeachment resolution joining California and other states, calling for an investigation into the actions of President George W. Bush and trial for impeachment. Please read below.



Will somebody - somebody! - please impeach this guy?  
by: brown
April 08, 2006 at 16:14:12 US/Eastern  
( - promoted by odum)

At the end of the special Vermont State Democratic Party meeting today there was a lot of cheering and applause - relief that the almost 3-hour meeting was finally at an end, relief that we'd gotten through it with no screaming or name-calling, and relief that we had made a decision that maybe nobody absolutely hated. (maybe?)

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