Varun Gandhi, a case study !!

I would like to highlight the curious case of Mr Varun Gandhi because it offers an interesting insight into some of the most fascinating episodes of history.

First, a background.

Varun Gandhi is a politician belonging to the right wing BJP party in India.  He is the son of Maneka Gandhi, who is a Sikh and Sanjay Gandhi.  Sanjay Gandhi was the son of Indira Gandhi (former prime minister of India) and  Feroze Gandhi, who was a "Parsee" (a Zoroastrian).  Indira Gandhi was the daughter of Jawaharlal Nehru and Vijaylaxmi Pandit, who were "Kashmiri Brahmins" (Hindus).

That would make Varun Gandhi 25% Hindu, 50% Sikh and 25% Parsee... at least by birth.  If I am going on and on about Varun Gandhi's religious genealogy, then there is a point to it.  Varun Gandhi can, of course, reject his religious genealogy and practice any religion he chooses.  That is a fundamental right we all possess, but rarely excerise.

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