I still think it's a headfake!

If there's one thing the Obama campaign is fantastic at it's not leaking. They promised...swore...that the text message would be the way people would find out.

I still believe them, and I still think the Dream Ticket is on!

We'l see...

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Dear God

Today I think my heart is broken.  Help me understand.

I thought I knew the right path.  I thought I knew our journey.  This was supposed to be our year, the year we break down all the barriers and send a message to the world that America is not held hostage to the agents of intolerance, that we will not rest until we cast down the last dregs of bigotry and repression.

Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton!  They were supposed to be a team!  They were supposed to come together, to unite the party and then unite the nation, to transform the world.  I thought...huh.  I FELT so sure.

How could You break my heart like this?  Isn't it enough that women have been oppressed throughout human history, and even pre-history?  Isn't it enough that women are still oppressed all over the world...not by outsiders but by their own families, their husbands, their sons, their fathers, their brothers...and yes, by their mothers, their daughters and their own sisters as well?  And just how often does that repression take place in Your name?  You have ALL the responsibility here...I thought you were going to finally fix it.

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CNN reporting that a "source close to Hillary Clinton" has said that Clinton has been informed that she is NOT the pick. Looks like the "dream ticket" will not be happening, with Biden remaining the likely pick.

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Congratulations, Joe Biden.

My plan for tomorrow is to sleep in 'til noon. I'm sure I will have missed the Most Important Text Message in American History once I have woken.

Nonetheless, I want to say congrats to Joe Biden. He's been an important force in the Senate for many years, and his accomplishments have often gone unrecognized by the national political audience. When he dropped out of the 1988 Presidential contest, he did it with a certain faith that he would in the future have a chance to redeem his name and to live up to his potential to serve America in a national capacity.

It's always good for people to have their faith rewarded.

We're a long way from Senator X. And a large step closer to a new era in America.

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VP Dark Horse Pick

So according to the AP, Edwards (and you know they don't mean John) is still on the VP short list.

So, any Texans out there who can give us their take on Waco Rep Chet Edwards?

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