McCain's new VP is HOT!

So setting aside the fact that it's a horrible pick for McCain for many, many reasons... not the least of which is that she looks so young that it makes him look about 150 years-old. But JM's pick for VP is kinda hot. No?

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Sarah Palin - No Experience, Not Ready on Day One

Consider this an evolving compilation of info on Gov. Palin.

First and foremost, we have all heard the ringing end of the "Experience" attacks from the GOP. All of the phone-in calls from voters who are "scared that we don't know enough about this Obama guy" should be shaking their heads.

No-one else wants to throw away their career being "The former VP Candidate in 2008", and Ms. Palin has nothing to lose.


The Former "Miss Wasilla"

Ms.Palin served two terms on the Town Council of Wasilla (population 5,500) and served as mayor of that August Metropolis before becoming Governor of Alaska (Population 683,478 - or about 10% smaller than Austin, Texas).

Ms. Palin is an evangelical Christian, belonging to the Pentacostal Assemblies of God.

"Supports opening ANWR to drilling"

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Gov. Sarah Palin is McCain's VP Pick

The buzz at the airport is that Governor Sarah Palin of Alaska is McCain's VP pick. And by 'buzz' I mean I heard it from a guy who said Romney and Pawlenty are out, which NBC News is reporting.

Pawlenty has been told he won't be chosen by McCain, according to NBC's David Gregory. And Romney won't be at today's Dayton, Ohio, rally with McCain, NBC's Chuck Todd reported. Romney spent Thursday courting donors in California.

He said that someone in the media tracked Palin's plane and confirmed she would be at the rally today.

Update [2008-8-29 10:39:14 by Todd Beeton]:It's confirmed, it's Palin.

Update [2008-8-29 10:48:38 by Todd Beeton]:TPM:

CNN is reporting that a "senior campaign source" confirmed McCain's pick of the Alaska governor.

Update [2008-8-29 10:48:38 by Todd Beeton]:First thoughts: this is an entirely reactionary pick. Palin is to McCain what Biden is to Obama. Putting it in simplistic terms, if Biden brought experience to Obama's change, Palin brings change to McCain's experience. She also brings youth to his age and, of course, she's a she, which McCain cynically thinks will help him with disaffected Hillary supporters who might be itching to vote for a woman.

Update [2008-8-29 11:16:57 by Todd Beeton]:McCain likes to say that the VP's only job is to inquire as to the health of the president every day. In other words, replace the president if anything were to happen. So by definition, John McCain, by picking Palin, is saying that SHE is "ready to lead." This is someone who's been governor half the time Obama's been in the US Senate. So if Palin's ready to lead, then Obama must be twice as ready. Sort of undermines his argument against Obama, doesn't it? This could be sort of a disaster.

What's the media's take? I'm about to get on a plane so discuss amongst yourselves and I'm sure the other guys will jump in.

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It Won't Be Lieberman

As McCain's VP selection nears, Joe Lieberman has been consistently floated as a one of the top potential picks along with Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty and Kay Bailey Hutchinson. Robert Novak even came out of retirement to write a column urging McCain not to pick Lieberman. Last night we were treated to a Politico story about some supposed backstage intrigue regarding McCain's pick.

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It's not too late for the dream ticket

Who can tell me after watching that speech that we as Democrats deserve anything else?

In my opinion, Joe Biden should step aside and Hillary Clinton's name should be placed into nomination for the Vice Presidency!

The two of them together...we couldn't lose...

I'm so amazed by that woman...she truly is incredible :)

Let's go win this thing!!!!!!!!!!!

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